Because the NHL loves us and wants us to be happy, they mic’d up Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin during yesterday’s Kraft Hockeyville practice. The Russian machine doesn’t disappoint, saying “sup” to fans, laughing maniacally, and serving up the expected one-liner: Siiiiiiiiick.

The video also shows Ovechkin trying to adjust to Belleville’s larger ice sheet. Yardmen Arena was originally built for an international tournament, and the rink was never redone to the OHL’s normal specifications.

“Ice is big,” Ovechkin observes to head coach Adam Oates.

“I told Backy I played here when they first built this arena,” replies Oates, clearly enunciating his words.

“It remind me of European size,” Ovechkin says. “This building remind me of KHL size.”

Later, Ovechkin continues the discussion with Marcus Johansson. “I think I need to make longer stick because ice is bigger,” he says.

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  • Freedoooom

    Don Cherry: “Look at how much Ovechkin talks during practice, he acts like its one big joke!”

  • Deb Linah Manweiler

    When did Alex start to wear the yellow shoe laces..anyone with info??

  • Deb Linah Manweiler

    I think he is just having fun..he wants the cup seriously.