At first, we didn’t have video of Joel Rechlicz’s decisive shootout goal to defeat the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 on Monday night, so we had to use our imaginations. Now, thanks to the magic of the Internet, the Capitals have graciously provided us evidence that this thing actually happened.

Rechlicz, the Caps’ fourth and final shooter, delivers the puck to crease before yanking it aside and backhanding it in– quite casually– to finalize the fight-filled fiasco of a game against the Flyers. Michael Latta and Garrett Mitchell fought earlier in the game, and we’ve got video below. We’ve also got another angle on Wrecker’s goal from RMNB reader Salvatore P., who was in Philly and was kind enough to share his view on our Facebook page.

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  • Jon Adams

    You have no proof of a 3-2 win… it was 4-3!

  • BPThomas

    What were the refs jumping in for when they guys were still going at it?

  • Bowl Res-licz

    The Post write-up had Erskine fighting an ECHLer and getting into it with Simmonds. Any video?

    Solid fight by Latta. Do you see him getting significant time with the team? Seems have a lot of buzz right now.

  • Fedor

    He didn’t really fight him. More like a scrum with four or five punches thrown (all by Ersk). On a Simmonds play, I don’t think cameras even captured it.

  • Fedor

    Flyers player had a jersey over his head. As soon as the player can’t see anything and becomes defenseless, the fight stops to prevent serious injuries.

  • By default I’m always skeptical about fight-y prospects.

  • BPThomas

    You know what, I somehow missed that jersey pull. Thanks for the response!