The Russian machine made an impact of sorts at the Baltimore Classic on Tuesday night. Zeroing in on D-man Chris Casto in the corner, Alex Ovechkin gently brushed up against the glass, which promptly shattered (perhaps special birthday powers?)

The crew at Baltimore Arena took some time to make repairs, so the teams went to intermission with 4 minutes still remaining in the second period.

And yeah, the photographer behind the glass looks a bit derpy, he protected his super expensive camera, so back off dude.



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  • Rhino40

    This was damn scary in the instant replay, Ian: the piece that ended up on the ice was large, heavy, sharp, and its broken edge came perilously close to having gruesome effects on Ovi’s left arm…
    BTW, I lke the idea of “special brithday (wait a minute: Ovi’s not Jewish, so make that birthday) powers”…