For those of you who still watch SportsCenter, you’re already aware they have a Top Ten list plays that airs every day. It rarely includes hockey.  …Except on Wednesday, when a certain almost-Capital made the list. If they get ESPN down in Australia, I’m pretty sure the Walker family and friends are looking stunned mullet right now (that means they’re surprised, or something).

Nathan Walker, who Craig Laughlin said was the best player on the ice during last night’s Baltimore Hockey Classic, hit number eight on the the top ten. Walker’s sick unbelievable pass to Tom Wilson earned the honors, the same pass that resulted in Wilson’s first goal of the preseason. The Aussie split the wickets of Joseph Morrow’s legs to set up The Ten Train for a straightforward one-timer.

Walker unofficially has one goal and one assist in two games. He also earned a penalty shot against the Boston Bruins.



I must note: SportsCenter anchor David Lloyd — showing typical ESPN hockey-ignorance– introduced the clip with this groaner: “Who knew the hockey preseason had started?” Ugh.

Also: second worst Aussie accent ever?

Thanks to @Gearty83 for first alerting us.

  • huski3s17

    aussie aussie aussie!!

  • Matt Root

    rofl, I can always count on Peter to deliver these quality posts

  • Owen Johnson

    Wait… ESPN is aware hockey is a thing?

  • dylan wheatley


  • marc

    sign the kid

  • Mike W

    As an Aussie I can definitely say we’re all rooting for Nathan, and I personally would love to see him make the team.

    On a related note, the phrase is, ‘looking like a stunned mullet’. A+ for effort though.

  • Rob

    Sounds like a feel good story with an unhappy ending…hope some team picks him up

  • BPThomas

    Serious note here, that DJ’s scratches are impressive.

  • Julie

    oi, oi, oi

  • ajansen1

    He might be a member of the Mukka Mad Men