Chris Cooley’s Faceplant (GIF)


I don’t know why Chris Cooley was skating before the Washington Capitals Alumni Game Thursday. I really don’t. While out on the ice, the 250-lbs, two-time Pro Bowler made a big impact. Like, literally. He probably left an actual crater on the ice. Hope the Caps made him sign a waiver.

After skating towards the net and gently pushing the puck towards the red team’s goalie, the former tight end for Washington (sup, Rick Reilly) lost his balance, falling face-first to the ice. His head bounced. It looked painful and– joking aside– I hope he’s okay. (Also, in all honesty, my favorite TE from the mid-2000’s was Todd Heap.)

Former Capitals enforcer Kevin Kaminski then showed Cooley what an NHL body check feels like.


Cooley laughed about it when he stepped off the ice. He was bleeding from the mouth.


Full disclosure: I can’t even skate. Mock me.

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  • standarsh

    Man cooley is just the best. I actually love him on his new radio show


    Love this but got to wonder why they didn’t put a face mask on him. Nuts.

  • Who cares? His ‘bows are on backwards. 🙂

  • bskillet

    What was cooley doing on the ice at a Caps alumni game??? It was a cool game, great goal Locker.

  • Tommy

    This is hilarious. In GIF form, it pretty much makes rain go away.



  • brian!

    Me too! I always thought he was just another typical jock chucklehead, but he’s proving to be quite endearing and knowledgeable.

    He was probably on the ice because he’s done promo work with the Capitals before (he did an intermission trike race with another football player whose name I don’t recall), and he’s mentioned his love of hockey and hockey players on the radio a handful of times.

  • Owen Johnson

    Cooley still skates better than me.

  • jennrubenstein

    it was vs fred davis – battle of the tight ends.

  • brian!

    That’s right, thank you!