The Brouwer Rangers and Troy Brouwer

The Brouwer Rangers showed up to this year’s Capitals Convention on Saturday. Being the first Caps Con in their new dubs, the duo made an entrance: they met Alex Ovechkin, took silly photos with cardboard cutout Caps players, played street hockey, and signed autographs for fans (!!!). The highlight of their day, though, was taking a posed photo with their savior, Troy Brouwer.

Brouwer, who is a huge supporter of the two, smiled big and put his fists up with the Rangers in solidarity. I’m getting the feels just looking at this pic. It’s perf.

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  • SamWow Carroll

    Ya’ll make my day everyday haha. RMNB, the Brouwer Rangers, Loud Goat, and Horn Guy all are why hockey is so great in this area. Keep doing what ya’ll do!

  • beachrats

    Horn Guy was there in the Caps Road crew booth, also

  • Rhino40

    These guys are great …but I miss the Capstronaut #sadz