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Wes Johnson kicks off the event. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

As Saturday evening wound down, the streets around the Walter E. Washington Convention began to fill with Metropolitan Police cars. The President was coming. He had missed, though, the main event in the building that day, the 2013 Capitals Convention. Ted Leonsis unveiled the already de-veiled 2015 Winter Classic, players engaged in slightly uncomfortable yet humorous hijinks, and there were many, many panels about many, many things.

Below, take a look at my photos from the day.

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Street hockey with the Brouwer Rangers.

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Ted makes a not-surprise announcement.

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CapitalsConvention (5 of 24)

Yes, Wilbon was there.

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The floor.

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Youths going for a skate.

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Fans listen to Caps GM George McPhee.

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The Brouwer Rangers audit GMGM’s panel.

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Caps celebs Craig Brownstein (of the Puck Buddys) and Ovie the Bulldog.

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Mike Green signs for a fan.

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Joel Ward autographs a puck for a youngster.

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Steve Oleksy and Braden Holtby face the kids.

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Alan May is introduced as the new host of Caps Red Line.

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Steve Oleksy tries his hand at the accuracy challenge game.

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Brooks Laich poses for a photo.

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Eric Fehr, Brooks Laich, Aaron Volpatti, and Greg Wyshynski on stage during the locker room stories panel.

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Wes closes out the event.

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  • Owen Johnson

    I like the picture of Wilbon there pretending he doesn’t detest a team from DC.

  • Ash

    The completely awestruck looks on the faces of the kids getting autographs from Ovi and Ward are the best.

  • VeggieTart

    The Locker Room Stories panel was hilarious.

  • What did they talk about?

  • Brouwer Rangers

    For the record: I’m right-handed and it seemed they only had left goalie gloves available at the time. So that explains why I gave up that one goal. I know that sounds like an excuse, but it’s not.

  • Raineman

    also for the record, a right hander wears the goalie glove on their left hand. sorry for the hard hitting truth, bud

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Well then I’m left-handed as a goalie.

  • Ash

    Lots of great stuff. Fehr is apparently a real instigator with pranks. Matt Bradley once pranked Brooks Laich so thoroughly with a fake story over a two week period that Brooks almost punched him. Hendy used to go around the room before every game and say the same thing to each player as a ritual; his thing for Schultz was incredibly hilarious, at least the way Fehrsy tried to reproduce it.

    They have a rule that the music before games has to be different than the music before practice, so it’s usually country in the morning, and Ovi gets a hold of it for house/techno in the evening. Also: game day routines, the weirdest superstitions (someone on the team has to be the one to pick up the water bottle every time it’s knocked over, and they’ll mess with him by knocking it over for five minutes straight), Jamie Heward’s insistence on sitting in a certain spot, Brooks being disgruntled about how him beating the beat up is forever immortalized on HBO 24/7, order of putting gear on, Volpatti’s story about a spurting leg wound, Mike Green making fun of Brooks getting hit in the nards, and more.

    There was a question where Wyshinski was very obviously angling towards trying to get the others on the panel to refer to Ovi talking about Brooks as leader, but they didn’t bite for the obvious quote he wanted, I think. Given his article on Puck Daddy where he talked about leadership and had a dig at Ovi, I kinda thought there were ulterior motives by Wysh there.

  • Pat Magee

    Gotta hear these stories!!!!

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Most outwardly appreciative of my positive judgments of their play: Steve Oleksy and Eric Fehr.

    Funniest moment. When the camera broke in the middle of my Alzner photo.

    Flirtiest Cap: John Carlson. “Well well – it’s nice to see you again. Wink.”

    Most polite: Joel Ward. “Hello. I’m Joel!”

    Best tag team autograph table: Michal Neuvirth and Tomas Kundratek. “did is how you seh, “ver’s da beer in czech!”

    Most nervous Cap: Nicky. His impending fatherhood had him checking his phone for texts in the middle of my autograph.

    Stupidest fan-girl moments: Almost choking up when shaking Adam Oates’ hand. Ovi staring at me like an alien when I say – “oh wow. i don’t know what to say. i’m so star struck. i had a plan, and now i’ve forgottten. please sign this jersey here.”

  • VeggieTart

    And Brooksie apparently has a dirty mouth because more than once he related that he said “some bad words”.

  • Alwaysrockinthered

    I had the best time ever, much better than 2011. The guys were soooo nice. I no longer live in the DC area and can’t make every game or event but I wouldn’t trade my team for anything.