While Alex Ovechkin is easily the most celebrated player on the Washington Capitals, someone else was the star of Caps Con.

Everyone say hi to Ovie the Bulldog.

On the top floor of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Ovie’s human parents, Mike and Kim Robertson, set up shop with their leashed and well-behaved pup, greeting Caps fans on their way down to the convention. He made lots of friends.

Ovie the Bulldog got a lot out of it too. He met some famous faces and got oodles of attention. He posed with Red Rockers, the Brouwer Rangers, Goat, Alan May, and PA Announcer Wes Johnson. He met Mathieu Perreault, Joel Ward, and Hall of Fame defenseman Rod Langway, all of whom pet the jersey-wearing bulldog and smiled for photos.

The highlight of the day was when Ovie met his namesake, Ovi. As the three-time Hart trophy winner made his way downstairs for his first appearance of the day, Ovie’s pops shouted out, “Ovi! Ovi meet Ovie!?” Ovechkin looked over, saw the bulldog donning his jersey, and came over to say hi.

I reached out to the bulldog for comment on what the experience was like. Six naps and several bathroom breaks later, the dog responded:

Ovechkin looked over, saw me, and laughed. Though he was busy, Ovechkin made a quick detour to meet me, gave me a very-appreciated pat on the head, and then posed for a picture. I was speechless! *Ruff*

In the photo, I have a deer in the headlights look. Ovi seems amused at the situation and flashes his trademark gap-tooth smile.

After my parents camera clicks – poof – Ovi’s gone and my day cannot be topped. *Ruff* *Ruff* Next time, Mom & Dad should bring a sharpie and ask Ovi to sign my jersey! I would have brought one myself, but I’d probably eat it.

That reminds me, I’m hungry, why haven’t my parents fed me yet?

A dog wrote that. We published it. And now, you’ve read it.

Below, Ovie and his parents share their photos from the day. Enjoy!


Mathieu Perreault




Rod Langway


Alan May


The Brouwer Rangers




Monumental Network



The Red Rockers.


Wes Johnson




What a long day.

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  • OlietheGoalie

    My reaction at the last picture: “awwwwwww.”

  • Dark Stranger

    Very enjoyable pictures and story on Ovie the Bulldog! Great that Ovi himself posed with the bulldog. One other picture of the bulldog that’s floated around the Internet has been one of a baby posing with it at Caps Con.

  • Georgia feels unloved. Thanks a lot, Ian. Let me know what kind of mattress you have because I want to know HOW YOU SLEEP AT NIGHT.

  • Valentina Turner

    I have bulldog too! The best dog ever! I wish my Bella met Ovie.

  • nicoley-poley

    i really like the one with matty p because it makes me think they should be chasing squirrels together or something