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Cooking with Paige, Kate, and Mike. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

[Ed note: At Capitals Convention on Saturday, friend-of-the-blog Kate Hudson was selected to participate in a cooking competition with Mike Green. The first thing they made was a brie and strawberry jam sandwich. I’ll let Kate take it from here.]

When the schedule for panels came out, my friends and I knew we had to see Mike Green cook. I didn’t know what that would entail, but there we were, waiting for Greenie to struggle to bake something.

I was sitting with my friends Roxy and Katie waiting for the thing to start. They were asking for volunteers to help the chef and Green compete in an epic grilled cheese cook-off. Katie kept saying that I needed to cook with Greenie because that would be hysterical. So I stood up and was like “PICK ME, PICK ME” and Elliot pointed to me and told me I was the helper. I actually was like “Wait, me?” and Elliot was said “Yeah, you!”

I wasn’t quite sure what was expected of me. Like Tom Wilson, I have zero cooking skills other than making Kraft Mac and Cheese. Green was super nice. He introduced himself and asked me my name and whether I was having a good time. Of course I was since I just got picked to make grilled cheese with one the best players on the team, thanks for asking. Cooking with me on the three-person team was a girl named Paige Wheeler, who had her jersey stolen earlier in the convention.

We had to make three: one sweet, one meat, and one veggie. The only grilled cheese I have ever made, much less eaten, was plain old cheese. The only thing I knew about grilled cheese was that it was best on sour dough. That was about it. Wait, why am I still talking about grilled cheese?

Green knew all the cheese types and what went good with what, so I just let him decide the ingredients. I cooked the grilled cheeses because I couldn’t really offer much else.

Naturally, we won the first round. Fans were begging for our half-eaten grilled cheese, which was probably the weirdest part of the whole experience. If Green had licked the grilled cheese I think the crowd would have cried out of primeval lust for it. Anyway, high fives all around.

Despite our skills, Elliot kept getting mad because we took so long cooking our grilled cheese. You can’t rush perfection. We swept the competition which drew questions about how I got so good at cooking them. I told Greenie that I was in college. As a result of the competition, all I freaking ate that day was grilled cheese. (I tried all of the grilled cheese and they were, like, super great.)

Afterwards, Green was extremely nice and made sure that we had everything we needed. He made sure the girl that had her jersey stolen got another and that he could sign it. He gave me a hug and then had to leave. Elliot then interviewed us for Caps Red Line.

I had countless people come up to me afterwards saying they had pictures of me and would love to send them over. Many people were still begging for a taste of a Mike Green grilled cheese. But all I could do is laugh. Thanks to Greenie & the Caps for making a really amazing Caps Convention an even better one.


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“None of us have any idea what we are doing.”

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“Bread. Good choice.”

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Taste test.

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  • OlietheGoalie

    I’ve never been to a Caps Convention, so I guess I don’t know much, but a lot of these “events” they had seem… dumb. And without a point.

    Make a grilled cheese? Watch them play ping poing? It’s a bit much.

  • It was fun to watch, man. It allows the players to show off their personalities and interact with fans. Everyone who was watching was definitely excited and having a good time. That’s for sure.

    I think these events were great foils for Ted and GMGM’s serious panels. it kept it light, kept it interesting.

  • Sarah

    The convention’s primary purpose is just to get fans excited for the new season! There are more serious, technical panels available to go to if that’s your thing, but I think a lot of people like to see the players having fun and interacting with fans. It strengthens that relationship, which definitely isn’t pointless. 😀

    If you’re in the area, you should try to go next year! It’s fun.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Then that’s great. I was just worried that these events felt a bit forced, and the players were only there because they were heavily suggested to be.

  • I think it’s the opposite — though I can’t confirm 100%. I think the Caps took ideas from the players this year, hence why some of these events were so wacky.

  • OlietheGoalie

    Then I’m throwing in an idea: Dunk Tank a Cap. I’ll personally re-sign Schultz, tape him to his damn seat, and buy every baseball in the state.

  • I understand your point. I’ve been around them when they don’t want to be somewhere (i.e. talking to the media). This wasn’t the case. They really enjoyed themselves during panels, serious or not. Some Caps staff eventually had to force Steve Oleksy to the bus because he didn’t want to stop playing games with the kids.

  • capsyoungguns

    These two were fun events. But really I like to go for the panel sessions, many of which are quite serious, such as the one on nutrition and muscle management, managing a team, league discipline by Shanahan, how to manage the cap, video used as a teaching tool for the players, etc. Some panels are cute such as the one where the kids ask the questions, but let me tell you they asked some pretty good questions of Holtby and Oleksy. Finally some of the panels are just great to hear insider stories by the players, such as locker room tales. Laich, Fehr, and Volpatti with Wyshynski moderating told some great stories. For a hockey geek the convention can be quite fun.

  • capsyoungguns

    Hah. I totally misunderstood OlietheGoalie’s issue. You’re right. Some of these ideas did come from the players themselves. They were having a blast playing ping pong. I caught it by accident but couldn’t leave because they were so funny and competitive about it.

  • jennrubenstein

    i thought the shanahan panel was great. you could tell he really takes his job seriously, and takes into consideration what it actually means to be suspended, from a former player’s perspective – suspending a veteran player vs a rookie trying to make the team during preseason, for example, or suspending a player at the end of the season when the team is trying to make the playoffs or during a playoff run. i may not agree with all of his decisions, but i know i appreciate the suspension explanation videos that show the incident and explain the actual rule being violated. that was a serious panel, for sure. i went to the youth hockey injury panel, too, which was unfortunately at the same time as gmgm’s panel, and it was excellent – i thought it would be interesting for more perspective on pro hockey injuries as well, especially talking about concussions and the risks involved if a player goes back too soon. i also went to the player-turned-coach panel with oates, olie, and calle, and honestly i left there with nothing but optimism for the new season, now that everybody is familiar with the system and ready to go. but i think the kids’ press conference is always one of the best parts of the convention, and this year did not disappoint! i seriously love holtby. and the kids this year were asking some great questions! not just the what’s your favorite animal questions i’m used to, although those are good too and the kids were adorbs.

  • jennrubenstein

    that was really long.