Joel Rechlicz’s Epic Fight With Milan Lucic (Video)


Joel Rechlicz is a heavyweight fighter. He has held his own in fights with Donald Brashear, Matt Clackson, and Jay Rosehill. Every bout Recker’s had follows the same script: he either knocks you out or it’s a marathon that will make you wish you hadn’t dropped the gloves in the first place.

In Monday’s Washington Capitals’ preseason game against the Boston Bruins, Rechlicz reminded us that there’s more to his game than just shootout winners. Recker fought one of the toughest players in the NHL, Milan Lucic. ‘Twas epic.

Lasting nearly 50 seconds, Rechlicz and Lucic exchanged a flurry of lefts and rights, which left Recker bleeding and Looch gasping. By my count, Lucic landed more blows (9) than Rechlicz (8), but Recker got the upper hand in intense facial expressions.

Jack Edwards, the Boston Bruins’ homerlicious play-by-play guy, apparently did not see the same fight I watched.

“Lucic connects and connects and connects,” Edwards screamed midway through the bout. “Rechlicz’s being reckless with his face. He’s assaulting Lucic’s knuckles… with his nose.” Cute.

Because I love you, precious RMNB reader, here’s video, GIFs, and screenshots of the fight. Hockey best!)))))






GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Moar Screenshots









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  • nicoley-poley

    THANK YOU, IAN. I was watching this game at college and we don’t get NHL Network, so I could only imagine how epic this fight was from John Walton’s call. It most definitely did not disappoint.

  • yv

    It was indeed epic and highly inspiring fight by Recker!

  • James Overman

    I feel like im watching a scene of Gladiator where Rechlicz is Maximus (Badass) & Lucic is Commodus (Still a patsy) and all epicness ensues. What a fight.

  • thecriz76

    What fight was Edwards watching????

  • Pat Magee

    Looked like Lucic didn’t know what he was getting into…. Amazing fight, and always great to see that POS get more than he can handle!

  • you’re so welcome!

  • Owen Johnson

    Maybe he was thinking Recker’s fists would make him less ugly.

  • bskillet

    That was awesome, hey the Caps did a great job since it was Boston’s mostly all regulars vs, Caps hopefuls. Good looking youngsters.

  • garrett

    good thing you only show the punches Rechlicz lands it was a good fight and pretty damn even

  • Owen Johnson

    And pretty much our one regular played like a HoltBEAST.

  • RESmith

    In the lead screenshot, I’d swear Rechlicz could pass off as Max Schreck playing Nosferatu. Blood lust?

  • Tommy

    I know! Watching the game tonight made me appreciate Joe and Craig. They pull for the home team but also acknowledge the good play of the other team. Edwards said we weren’t the Caps because there were too many Hershey players playing tonight. He probably learned broadcasting in Pyonyang. The leader is 10 feet tall. The leader beats up all Rechlicz’s.

  • SuperOvi819

    Lucic looked like a turtle trying to hide in his shell.

  • thecriz76

    I’m all for rooting for the home team and all, but to call that fight one sided like he did is just asinine! Even the guys on the NHL network made a comment about Lucic walking away banged up. Just more reason for me to hate Boston sports teams lol

  • JohnnyB55

    as a Bruins fan I really enjoyed this fight. Lucic showed to all the haters that he is not afraid to drop the gloves to fight a heavyweight, but Rechlicz was a beast to in this lenghty! I’m all for rooting for your team as fan or announcer but Jack Edward’s comments were absolutely ridiculous. If you can’t show respect to another team’s fighter droping gloves against one of the toughtest guys in the league, better be quit.

  • Matthew Kory

    Edwards: “Oh! [Lucic takes a punch] Rechlicz is [Lucic takes a punch] assaulting Lucic [Lucic takes a punch] with his face [Lucic takes a punch]!”

    You can broadcast the game and do it well without having your head up your team’s butt. I’d probably give the decision to Lucic but it wasn’t anywhere near the one-sided crushing Edwards made it out to be.

  • kevnola

    Top Google result when I looked up this fight. Good SEO.

    So…Rechlicz receives more punches to the face AND ends up bleeding, but he looks mad so he wins? Or because Lucic looks tired at the end? What???

    It was definitely a good fight and I give Rechlicz credit for landing a couple quality shots, but at the end of the day, Rechlicz got his ass kicked. I don’t care if Lucic was just throwing wild haymakers, Rechlicz got hit by them all and just looked like a retarded human punching bag. Even Floyd Mayweather would be tired after throwing and landing that many haymakers.

    I have no idea what you people are watching if you think Rechlicz was even close in that fight. Edwards can be an ass, but his call was pretty funny and true in this case.

    As for your GIFs (which all appear to be trying to show Rechlicz winning), 1st = missed punch, 2nd = punch to the helmet, 3rd = missed punch. Try again.

  • Pooboy

    It was a good fight, fairly even,…though Lucic landed the better blows. Rechlicz hardly got his “ass kicked”. If you’re still on your skates after a fight with Lucic that lasted almost a minute you’re a fucking stud. Lucic is an ass but a really good and tough player.

  • BigNed

    Go back and count how many times Lucic punched Rechlicz in the arm. I’d still give him the fight, but neither was outright creaming the other. If they were, Reckers either has a concrete skull or Lucic can’t punch for shit. I doubt either is actually the case.

  • BigNed

    The video shows the whole thing and is at the top. The GIFs are for Caps fans because THIS IS A CAPS FAN SITE. Fan site. Not NHL news center. FAAAAANNNN. SIIIIIIIIIITE. fansite.

  • ScottC

    FYI: has Rechlicz winning in early polling. Most unbiased commentators are saying it was a great fight, either a draw or a slight win by JR.

  • GoCaps!

    Looch is a beast, did Rechlicz even land a punch? Good for him for staying on his skates til the end but he was clearly outclassed in this one…nice facial expressions though, guess that makes him really tough!

  • Potato

    we agree

  • Rhino40

    Good on ya’, Wrecker! I know I always say that Goalie fights are the best fights, but it was great to see someone go toe to toe with Lucic and give that thug a ticket on the “Pain Train”!

  • Rhino40

    “Learned broadcasting in Pyongyang”–hahahahahah))))))))…and Boston will overtake the Demon Western Imperialists in Production of Veeblefetzers and Guibodiscs under the upcoming five-year Plan…

  • Rhino40

    And this is the difference between Boston fans and Pittsburgh fans, folks: B’s fans mostly have the class to give credit where it is due; Pens fans–like their leader Sid-the-Id–cannot.
    Like I always say: there are many rivals but only one Enemy…and that Enemy is Pittsburgh.

  • Rhino40

    Um, no. Joel’s last name is Rechlicz, not Ruutu. ergo he can be trusted not to bite during an in-game fracas..

  • dylan wheatley

    lucic just went up a notch or two in my book; very impressed he was able to go punch for punch with rechlicz

  • dylan wheatley

    hey buddy who seems really into hockey fights, none of us actually cares whether the minor league goon actually won the fight against one of the league’s top power forwards.

  • Jake Green-Go

    Reading your comment BigNed I came to the conclusion of what Rechlicz was yelling.

  • Catherine__M

    There is a video of the entire fight, friend. You want individual GIFs of your player’s best moments? Make ’em yourself.

  • Donnie

    “Production of Veeblefetzers and Guibodiscs”

    Vogon poetry? Or Dr. Seuss limericks?

  • Donnie

    Sorry….I gotta go, always, with the f-king Flyers. To me, they are the worst-of-the-worst. Pens fans are douche-canoes…Flyers fans are just assholes….in general,there are always exceptions.

    I love Joe B and Locker for the same reason. They give credit to the other teams for good plays and point out our bad plays. Let me learn and understand the game…no homerisming (throughhout the broadcast or unless it is a Caps GOAL!)

  • JohnR

    definitely a good fight – but Looch won on all judges cards. beyond that – what the hell is up with the Caps? multiple instigator penalties for throwing punches in response to clean open-ice hits? Um, grow up and learn what a clean hit is like…Oates better get more discipline in that bunch…

  • Maddy

    I went to the Caps preseason game at the Wells Fargo center (in Philly for uni) and I kid you not, “Asshole” is a legitimate chant there towards the opposing team after a fight…I just…the irony…I cannot…


    Where is Joel’s tongue??

  • gravy21

    I hear what you are saying, but I go to a lot of games in Philly and Pittsburgh.

    By far the worst are the Pittsbrugh fans. (EDIT: even worse that the Pitt fans are the local (DC) Penguins fans). They get mean, ugly and personal.

    Although verbally coarse, I’ve always had fun at the Philly games, and almost every time I end up going out after the game with strangers that I was trading verbal jabs with during the game. So long as you can verbally keep up with them, they tend to keep the s**t-talk on sports.

    All this is just my opinion based on my own experiences. It should be noted that I am not known for backing away from confrontation, which may lend to a different type of experience than some.

  • J Ells

    Here’s something all you Lucic haters need to comprehend. Rechlicz is a goon. He has played 330 games in the minor leagues and has a whopping 14 points, 26 games in the NHL and a paltry 1 assist. You’re comparing him to Lucic like Looch goes out to fight every night. Lucic plays on his team’s first line, Rechlich plays cribbage with John Scott so they can talk about how to stand on skates and throw punches. You’re all f*cking idiots if you think comparing Wrecker to anybody serviceable in the league is a fair comparison.

  • UnclePhilsBeard

    Go home, Jack Edwards. You’re drunk.

  • UnclePhilsBeard

    Actually, Boston fan who apparently got lost on the internet & ended up here: We notice more that Boston’s regulars couldn’t beat what was essentially the Hershey Bears in Caps uniforms in regulation…

  • Eric Lencher

    Who is the one who had to go visting the cut man to get stiches? Oh yeah, that was Reichlicz.

  • Eric Lencher

    More than he could handle? Looks like Reichlicz was the one heading to the locker room for repairs. It was a close fight, but Lucic got the “w” for doing the most damage.

  • Eric Lencher

    Most Boston fans don’t like him either. People my age grew up watching Fred Cussick. If you don’t know who he is, he’s a member of the broadcasting Hall of Fame, and he was sensational. He did the games from 1952-1997, and had several different partners come and go…but he was a constant. Here’s a link to a youtube clip of some of his famous calls.


  • Eric Lencher

    Reichlicz had to go for repairs. It was a close fight, but you’re delusional if you think he beat Lucic.

  • Eric Lencher

    Those sites are populated by trolls. Lucic is one of the most hated players in the NHL because of his ability to hit, fight and score. If he ever is involved in a close fight, the trolls always give it to the other guy.
    At the end of the fight, Reichlicz went to the locker room to get repairs, while Lucic went to the box to catch his breath. It’s easy to say that it was a great fight, but Lucic won a close decision.

  • Eric Lencher

    There is nothing wrong with challenging someone to a fight after a nice hit. Have you never played hockey before? As long as you don’t jump someone for throwing a clean hit, it’s perfectly fine to challenge them, and if they accept, you have a go.
    Guys like Thornton and Reichlicz have a job to do. If people are running around and throwing big hits to their teammates, they are sent out to issue a challenge.
    There is nothing wrong with what Wrecker did here. He challenged Lucic, and lost a close fight, but he was doing his job…and that’s coming from a B’s fan.

  • Eric Lencher

    Are you high? Lucic went to the penalty box, while Wrecker kept the stitch man busy. After the game, wrecker’s face was…for lack of a better word, “wrecked.”

  • Eric Lencher

    Our team has hoisted the Stanley Cup and been in the finals 2 of the past 3 years. All you can do is brag about losing a preseason game in OT, and call it a moral victory because you had more AHL’ers playing. LOL
    It must be a sad existance being a Caps fan!

  • tim

    lucic won that fight anyway

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    2 of the last 3 years, huh? What happened in that 3rd year again? Oh, that’s right:. Joel Ward sent you guys home in OT of Game 7 in the first round & Boston fans on Twitter showed their true colors as racists. Have a nice day.

  • Eric Lencher

    What happened? Joel Ward interfered with Tim Thomas, and it wasn’t called, and a few knuckleheads in college & high school who lived in RHODE ISLAND & CONNECTICUT, not Boston, tweeted out the “N” word, and were tracked down by former Bruin Anson Carter.
    The Rhode Island student’s name was Anderw Dulac from Cumberland high school in Rhode Island,
    It is also significant to note that more than half of the tweets came from BLACK PEOPLE, and black people calling each other the “n” word is not exactly news worthy!
    But enjoy the fact that you idiots have never won anything. I’ll be at Fenway tonight, watching my Red Sox win yet ANOTHER World Series title! It’s great to live in the city of champions! lol

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    Oh, so Ward interfered? THERE’S the Boston fan base I know: Making up shit about the other team cheating because you lost in the first round the year after you won the Stanley Cup. Because it can’t POSSIBLY be because the Bruins choked

    BTW congrats on the Red Sox winning. Judging by the articles I’m seeing, you guys have quite a mess to clean up today (because win or lose, you guys sure know how to keep it classy), so I guess I’ll have to wait a day or two before I hear back. Try not to beat up any minorities, it’s 2013.

  • Eric Lencher

    So I am making up the fact that Ward was in the crease and made contact with the goalie? lol I guess you didn’t hear Kerry Frazer, the former NHL official and TSN analyst, make his postgame comments. He’s the one who said it was a missed interference call, cupcake. By the way, I just woke up, and it’s 1:18 PM. I was out until 7AM celebrating ANOTHER World Series title, bitch! How does my ass taste, shitbreath?

    Here is a link, proving that it was Kerry Frazer who made the comments:

    PS: I win again! lol

  • Eric Lencher

    I was wrong about 1 thing: it was Knuble in the crease, not Ward. But Thomas was still interfered with. It’s been a couple of years.

  • Uncle Phil’s Beard

    Wow….first you call me ‘cupcake’, then you ask me how your ass tastes? You’re not even being insulting anymore; Technically, that was flirting.

    Now onto the Kerry Frazer thing: Let me just check here….gimme a second….nope, made no difference as to the outcome of the game. The Bruins still got sent home.

  • Eric Lencher

    If it was the game 7 overtime goal, how would interference on the winning goal make no difference in the outcome of the game? LMFAO To call you retarded would be an insult to all those goofy little bastards who are born that way!
    You are just purposefully moronic. But thanks for playing, cockboy! We have some lovely parting gifts for you!