Mikhail Grabovski Calls Phil Kessel a Musketeer


Photo illustration by me

Sunday’s preseason game between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Buffalo Sabres turned into a sideshow, as a line-brawl broke out after the very tall John Scott tried to fight the comparatively tiny but still feisty Phil Kessel. Instead of dropping mitts with Scott, Kessel used his hockey stick, taking a few two-handed swings at the Sabres enforcer as if Scott were a Mariano Rivera fastball.

Naturally, the Caps media asked former Maple Leaf and new Washington Capitals 2C Mikhail Grabovski his thoughts on Kessel’s handy-work.

Love the finish here.

For those who haven’t seen the fight, grab a seat and take a look. For those who saw it last night, watch it again. Let the chaos and violence sustain you until October 1st. Hockey = best.

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  • james1968

    Never hated Toronto until I went to the Sabres Leafs game Saturday and experienced their fans first hand. Hope they never see the playoffs again, and I’m happy for Grabovski that he escaped that cesspool for the greener pastures of the Capitals.

  • Guest

    hockey is best hahahahaa))))))))

  • yv

    That was amazing brawl,especially first hockey bouts for GTs Miller and Bernier. I think one of the reasons of all this was the nervous buildup from day before game between these teams. It was also incredible, when it required 15 (!) rounds of shootouts and only last, 30th(!) shooter managed to score the only goal. What is more for the record book, is that visitors Toronto from the third shooter till the end had 12 chances to finish the game and couldn’t do it until the final 13th chance. Praise to GTs, however, so much for players ‘skill’ competition. Plus stick-kicking SO attempt that angered GT also didn’t help. If it was meaningful regular season game coaches and a lot of peoples would have heart attack.

  • remrats

    The first quote was funny, but the second quote was better.

  • Rhino40

    Everyone knows that Goalie fights are the best fights 🙂

  • bskillet

    Wow actually pretty stupid, using your stick as a weapon surely is a suspension before the season even starts, and he didn’t even have anything to prove as far as coaches go???

  • CDizz

    The punch was being thrown at him before he even had a chance to drop the gloves. I don’t think slashing him in this case was all that bad. Maybe if he had given Kessel time to drop the gloves and he opted to slash, it’d look bad but there’s no honor in swinging at someone who isn’t even looking, let alone ready to fight.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    swish. swish. swish. I’m laughing so hard imagining him saying this.

  • I understand why he wielded his stick like an axe, and I don’t necessarily blame him for doing so, but yes, Kessel totally deserves a suspension. What he did was idiotic.

  • Bretpatrick 7

    Finally someone who doesnt have hisLeaf sunglasses on and can give an unibias opinion. John Scott is an AHL goon who is 6’7 and 230lbs taking swings agains a 5’11 190 lbs Kessel and he didnt even give him a chance to defend himself, i would be swinging my stick as well. 100% on Kessel side and i’m a HABS fan.

  • Pat Magee

    I think the first slash was fine, but the 2nd slash and the spear? Suspension worthy.

  • steve


  • Greg

    Yes. Because arenas from around the league would’ve emptied out at the first sight of a brawl! But not savage stone-age Toronto with our ravenous blood lust, heaven forbid we cheer it on like every other hockey city in the league would… Yours is probably the most boneheaded comment I’ve ever read on a hockey article anywhere.

  • anthony king

    No Greg, I know exactly what James is talking about. I have Sabres season tickets and I hate going to games against the Leafs. I made the mistake of bringing my mother to a game since I hadn’t taken her in a few years and she was asking for a while to go. The next game was against the leafs and I hadn’t been to one against them in a while so I forgot how deplorable leaf fans are. In the first period a leaf fan two rows ahead of us stood up during play, stumbled over his entire aisle spilling massive amounts of beer in one hand and projectile vomiting through his fingers with the other hand. Then his friends wanted to fight everyone because his entire row was pushing, yelling, and swearing at him. Thanks for coming, losers. It’s disgusting, but something similar happens every leaf game I’ve ever been to.

  • Teri Birrell

    I am a Leafs fan and I am loud and proud of it! But that doesn’t mean I act like an idiot. No matter which venue you go to, or which sport you’re watching, and yes I’ve been to hockey games, baseball games, etc, you will always find the idiot drunks, but that doesn’t mean we’re ALL like that! I will wear my team’s colours, paint my face with their logo, scream when they score and boo when they don’t, but that just makes me a fan. How is that any different than anywhere else?