7 Days Out: Sasha vs Sasha x 5


The Washington Capitals will play their Metropolitan Division neighbors, the Carolina Hurricanes, five times this season. That means five wacky nights of Alex Semin vs Alex Ovechkin. Greater Sasha and Sasha Minor bashing skulls and chewing bubble gum times five! What will happen? Will Semin take a restraining penalty? Will he smoke cigarettes outside the team bus? Will it be awko taco between Semin and Grabo? Will  Semin get sassed by Troy Brouwer? Let’s hope for yesses across the board.

Game one is coming up soon, and the rest are evenly spaced out through the season:

THU OCT 10, 2013
TUE DEC 3, 2013
FRI DEC 20, 2013
THU JAN 2, 2014
THU APR 10, 2014

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  • yv

    Among all former tuckers including, of course, Ovi, Sasha also set an example this season of been the first minor penalty victim of new, no- tuck, rule in the whole NHL, and it happened just 3 seconds before intermission. Vicious refs and poor Sasha!

  • Yo8

    This rule is ridiculous! He had the jersey out before shooting the puck and went inside afterwards. Like the players don’t have enough things to concentrate during the game now they have to make sure their jerseys aren’t tuck.