Photo credit: Chris Gordon

On June 13, 2008, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin launched his clothing line with CCM. The lifestyle apparel, which featured a fancy number eight logo (that hinted at the Kremlin), was available for purchase online, in stores, and at Kettler Capitals Iceplex.

Three years later, Ovechkin cut ties with CCM and signed a six-year equipment deal with Bauer and an undisclosed meg endorsement deal with Nike. I assumed a new line of Ovechkin lifestyle clothing would be coming. For two years, it never did.

On Saturday at the Caps Convention, that changed. In a corner of the Caps makeshift store, clothes and hats adorned with Ovi’s new Nike designed logo were available for purchase. It’s the first time I’ve see Ovi’s Nike gear available for sale.

There were short and long-sleeved t-shirts (red, black, and white), sweatshirts (red), flex-fit hats (black and red), beanies (black and red), and military caps. The t-shirts, priced at $24.99, seemed the most popular among Caps fans, as there were only a few left on the rack when I left the convention center floor.

RMNB’s Chris Gordon captured some of the display from Saturday. Check it out.






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  • thecriz76

    Not really digging the logo, I liked the CCM version better. But maybe this will grow on me lol

  • Todd N

    seriously? i thought the new logo is way better

  • Caps Red Man

    This doesn’t change the fact that they RUINED the USA hockey jerseys.

  • thecriz76

    Ruined is too nice of a word lol

  • thecriz76

    Yeah, but as I said it might grow on me. Just seems kinda boring to me right now.

  • As a designer myself, I just want to say this. I think the logo really goes with the brands Nike has already established. It’s simple, and can succeed exceptionally well as a secondary mark (like on the hats).

    I think the logo was well-made too, it gives off the kinds of things it should give off. It’s sharp and it kinda hints at the superman shield, but instead with an 8. The way they did the lines in the 8, it also hints at skating, marks in the ice, etc.

    So while I totally get people being like – this is so simple – it’s a freaking 8, I think it’s really successful because of what it communicates and how good it looks in a lot of different products.

  • thecriz76

    I totally get that, and those are great points, and I have to admit I didn’t even think of it that way. With your explanation Ian, it really is growing on me 🙂

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    Any link to buy this stuff online??

  • qsik

    where do u but this stuff