Five Caps, One Penalty Box (Photo)


Click to embiggen. (Photo by hendyface)

Last night, as I furiously GIFed and brightened some gloomy Joel Rechlicz screenshots, two Washington Capitals decided that the start of the third period would be a great time to settle all family business. Michal Cajkovsky beat the tar out of the Bruins’ Nick Johnson, and Dane Byers went toe-to-toe with tough guy Adam McQuaid in the second-most brutal fight of the night.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how funny you find the photo above), Cajkovski and Byers were accessed extra minors on the play– roughing and instigating respectively. So four Caps players had to head to the box: Cajkovski, Byers, Tom Wilson, and Aaron Volpatti.

With Joel Rechlicz already in the sin-bin serving his ten-minute misconduct, the naughty Caps got a bit cozy.

To the guy making the crybaby face (again) at left: I watched Karl Alzner. I knew Karl Alzner. Karl Alzner was a friend of mine. Senator, you’re no Karl Alzner



GIFs by hendyface

  • dcv

    You would think the penalty boxes would be a bit roomier in Boston.

  • Jake Green-Go

    Every time Edwards opens his mouth I want to fight my speakers.

  • yv

    Despite been outgunned Caps held themselves well, if not those instigator’ penalties that forced them to play in PKs. I think that the game was a record for Caps in penalty minutes and fights for sometime. The last time I recalling similar game was probably against Devils on Opening night in VC in 2010-11 season (Green-Kovalchuk dance including!).

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Love the body shots, Dane.

  • CJ

    I love it!!! There is no room at the Inn!!!!

  • UnclePhilsBeard

    Agreed. I had the game on mute the entire time. My uncle & I always get into it over Locker being one-sided in his commentary, and the net time he & I have a go at it, I’m showing him footage of this game to remind what ‘one-sided’ really means…

  • breaklance

    “The caps apparently take exception to clean body shots” I’ll forgo bruins recent history on the subject and go straight to the root – the caps were icing a bunch of AHL career minors and prospects against a well known physical bruins team icing most of their regulars and were looking to leave a mark and stick out. This schtick has been covered as guys looking to make the jump taking on established nhl regulars to demonstrate they bring something.

    Overall I’d say the caps pugilists did actually what they would want to do in a real game – get important bruins off the ice. I’ll take Rechilitz and Byers for Lucic, McQuaid and Boychuk if this were a real game. Then again if this were a real game the caps would be in some serious crap to need to play any of those guys other than Volpatti

  • Matt Root

    Thanks for John Walton as I can tune into his calls when I’m unable to hear Joe B and Locker. Edwards is so incredibly awful.