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A few summers ago, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin revealed to Pavel Lysenkov that he had Vladimir Putin’s phone number. Because sometime sports stars and world leaders just need to rap. “It’s not his cell phone number, but rather his home phone,” Ovechkin said, as translated by Igor Kleyner. “I call him often. But Putin is never at home. So far I haven’t managed to talk to him yet!”

That last part appears to have changed. During Adam Oates’ press conference with the media on Thursday, the Caps head coach revealed that Ovi had to take a pretty important call while they were hanging out together in Russia.

As revealed by The Washington Post’s Mike Wise, Oates flew to Russia in mid-August and spent five days hanging out with Alex Ovechkin (and maybe drinking a few lagers). Oates also flew to Chelyabinsk to meet with Caps prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov.

In his presser, Oates explained how the Russian president’s phone call was crucial in Ovechkin’s upcoming trip to Greece this weekend, where he’ll be the first Russian to carry the Olympic torch. As one of Russia’s Olympic ambassadors, Ovechkin has had to take part in many events over the last few years to promote the Sochi games. And when Fearless Leader asks for a favor, you don’t let him down.

So yeah, good to know: Ovi and Putin are homeys, chatting on the phone, talking puck. I’d like to imagine that when Putin’s eyes look at his caller ID, he sees three things— an O, a V, and an I.

Who knows. Maybe they’ll go hunting shirtless next summer. We’d be all over that.

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  • yv

    Besides all these duties and obligations, I can’t make whether it is good or bad that Ovi has the number, especially considering curious today’s comment by military commander of Chelyabinsk Region regarding military duty obligations of young men. To my understanding he said something like : “..we can call Kuznetsov for army duty, so that he can also continue to play for Traktor… similar to sport army units that we have during Soviet times… we should consider to call for army duty other players, like Nichushkin or Malkin,..”
    Kuzzya’s agent said that his shoulder is clean and probably after 3 weeks he will start to play. The agent also commented that ‘I don’t know about Kuz army duty possibility, but as he knows Kuz doesn’t have any official calls/papers about it’.

  • ovechwin

    Hey ovi it’s Vladimir from government))))


  • Mash

    After reading this article all I can think of is this video

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JA-okJmri2o (IE the Russian Spy video from ESPN)