Alex Ovechkin Destroys the Net Cam Again (Video)

When Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin scored his second goal against the Flyers on Saturday, the three-time Hart trophy winner decided to punctuate it by destroying something.

Sorry camera.

The last time we can recall Ovi destroying thousands of dollars worth of video equipment was back when he notched a hat trick against the Penguins in 2010.

While Russian machine never breaks, the things he shoots the puck at don’t seem to fare so well.

Thanks to @StopTheHats for posting the video.

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  • yv

    Curious thing that on that second video of Superbowl Sunday- and Snowmargeddon Ovis hat-trick (for me it took more than 2,5 hours to get to VC), Ovi played non-tucked, probably because it was too cold!? So, wherever plot NHL trying with no-tuck, ‘stupid’ rule, they will not stop Ovi from scoring like tonight.
    Interestingly, I saw on video tonight that when NYR players skated to their bench to celebrate their first goal vs LAK in Las Vegas, two players had their jerseys tucked and, of course, no any calls from refs. I only can repeat: Poor Sasha-minor!, who seems remained the only one penalized, and who, btw, by some reasons not playing for CAR for several last games?

  • Yo8

    He got a wrist injury.