Brooks Laich Says He Will Play in the Caps Season Opener


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Brooks Laich‘s last year has been miserable (minus this moment), and the new 2013-14 season hasn’t started any better either. After playing in just nine games last season due to a groin injury he suffered during the lockout, Laich hurt himself 10 minutes into the first day of training camp.

“It was a left hip flexor,” Laich said that day after leaving the ice. “It is completely non-related to what happened to me last year. We’ll monitor it day-by-day, and it should come back very very quickly.”

Three weeks later, Laich has played only one preseason game and he’s barely skated. Hip flexors are notorious for being lingering injuries.

According to The Washington Post’s Chelsea Janes, however, Laich will play in the Washington Capitals season opener on Tuesday against the Chicago Blackhawks. Head coach Adam Oates confirmed that news as well.

While this is exciting — the Caps are a better team with Laich — the winger still did not go all-out in practice today. He also will not play tonight in the Capitals preseason finale.

“It’s a lot better today, I’m really really close,” Laich said to Janes. “This way, I’ve got three more days to prepare for Tuesday. I’ll get some rest tomorrow, get a good hard practice in Monday, and be ready to go Tuesday.”

Thanks to friend-of-the-blog Katie Brown, here’s some of what Laich did on the ice today.

I don’t know about you, but I’m nervous for Tuesday. There’s no point in playing Laich if there’s a chance he’ll re-injure himself. Sitting Laich for a week or two and bringing him along slowly, might make more sense considering his luck of late. But what do I know?

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  • Ben Reed

    “Sitting Laich for a week or two and bringing him along slowly, might make more sense considering his luck of late.”

    And not for nothing, putting him on LTIR opens the door for an extended look at Wilson (9 games) without having to trade anyone…


    Dangerous to play him so soon after the flexor. Granted, the Caps will not make the playoffs without him, but half a year of him is better than half a game all year.


    Good point about LTIR. I think Wilson should play this year, anyway. Others can step aside: Poor performers like Volpatti…Perrault…Ovechkin…

  • Yup, Ben. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

  • Matthew Kory

    They can make the playoffs without him. They did last year. Easier division, I grant you, but still.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    I’m finding a number of references that link hip flexor issues with groin (or “sports hernia’) issues. I’m not getting a “warm fuzzy” about Brook’s condition. Maybe folks suggestion LTIR and let him heal might be the smart path to take.

  • Rhino40

    O please God don’t let our Brooksi fall apart when so many other things are coming together…