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As of midnight on Tuesday morning, the federal government has been shut down. Congress has failed to pass a budget or continuing resolution to fund the government for the immediate future. As a result, non-essential government employees, of which there are many in the area, are furloughed: no work, no pay. Seeing as the shutdown also fell upon the first day of the season, we wanted to check in on all those furloughed Caps fans across DMV.

Emails poured in expressing a range of emotions– frustration, sadness, and even feelings not directly related to Mathieu Perreault. Below is a representative sample of what we’ve heard, but please share your own story in the comments below.

Here’s hoping all of our friends get back to work soon. Kind of a bummer way to kick off what should be an exciting new season.

But first…



Paul O., aka @CapsYapp, will be relieved come puck drop.

Horrible past 6 months for me – Sequester/Furlough in May, Navy Yard shooting in my building and on my floor that killed 12 of my co-workers (I’m lucky I made it out when I heard the shots) and now a Gov’t shutdown. How will i make it through all of these tough times?

Opening Night is tonight… that’s how. My intense love for our beloved Caps is more than a hobby, it’s an obsession. This team IMO is the best built team I’ve seen them have in a long time (though we all thought that before the 11-12 season started).

I will be in front of my Big Screen in our SportsCave, wearing my Ovi jersey, muting Milbury and Pierre and tuning in to Walton’s radio call, tweeting away like a madman, like always.

It’s my saving grace from a failing Federal Gov’t in a country I love more than anything – 24 years in the military will do it to you.

#LetsGoCaps! #ScoarMoarGoals

Much mahalo.

Paul (@CapsYapp)

Take care, Paul.

Carl W. is making the best of his time off.

I am a fed employee & I am furloughed.  I am spending the day, counting down the hours til the Caps first game tonight.  I’m reading all I can about the team, working on Caps hockey cards & getting a nap in since the game is so late.  LETS GO CAPS!!!!

Jessica H. reports from the still-at-work USPTO:

As you can tell from this email, the US Patent & Trademark Office is still open for business. Long legal story short but we are allowed to stay open because of our reserves. So I am working hard and getting psyched for the Caps game. Go Caps!!!

Jason S. has been moping, but good times are on their way.

At first I had thought that this shutdown would be awful, boy was I wrong. I spent My furloughed day the way every other furloughed worker should have. I spent the majority of my day watching old video of Matty P and fighting back the tears. So although I am frustrated with the state of our Country at the moment. I am happy it has taken place just in time for me to get some closure with the PerryCelly before the new season starts! Lets GOOO CAPS!

UPDATE: Late addition from Lisa P., who is having a bit of a week.

This week has been full of ups and downs for me. First of all I’m getting married Saturday, so yay! But then I have to do a this extra stuff at work so I can take 2 week honeymoon (boohoo, I know). My lovely co-workers were going to throw me a wedding shower, yay again. Oh wait, it was supposed to be today. Instead I signed furlough papers and was hurried out of the building. But then I have more time to so wedding stuff yay! Instead I just napped (yeah, that one was my fault.) I am still super excited that hockey season starts tonight, super sad that Matty P is gone 🙁 the good news is I may be poor but I’ll be marrying my wonderful boyfriend Saturday and kicking off our wedding weekend by rocking the red at Verizon Thursday night. Then next week I’ll be watching hockey in the DR (assuming they have that there) on a beach whether I’m getting paid or not.

Best wishes, Lisa!

I don’t think Greg M. is a furloughed government worker, but this is hilarious, so I’m printing it anyway.

I want to leave my job and work for you guys. Can I do that? Is that even legal? I can run the snack bar and shred a mean document. Anyway, you guys are great you light up my boring mundane work day and leave me to dream about leaving this life to become a troll who wanders around the phone booth hoping to find a dirty Brooks Laich towel to frame and worship…maybe not a troll more lika a Phantom. Yes!! The Phantom of the Phone Booth!!!

I can’t believe I never thought about emailing you guys before. My boss is looking at me with that “wow he is typing really intensely. I should give him a raise” look. So I just wanted to say thank you for all you do and if you need someone to do something stupid at the winter classic next year hit me up. I will do anything, LITERALLY, anything to get a ticket. Keep up the good work. Crash the Net.

And James V. may not even be a human

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are interested in purchasing your product please kindly send your latest price catalog of all your products, your urgent reply is highly needed.

Okay, that one might be Spam. We get like ten of those a week. Spambots seem to think we sell actual Russian machines. I don’t even know what that would mean.

Thanks to everyone who wrote in, and please feel free to keep sharing in the comments.

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  • Freedoooom

    Can’t keep spending money you don’t have.

  • @TimHanson26

    Thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this $hit show. I too am a Government contractor, and due to the nature of my program, still get to work. I have many close friends furloughed. Hopefully they can find the middle ground and get this settled quickly.

    Until then: Let’s Go Caps! Rock The Red!

  • sowellman03

    All of these people complaining are parasites. They don’t earn their living; they take it by force. They work for mobsters. It’s a racket and I have zero sympathy.

  • Shaun Phillips

    Dear Fellow Commentors, keep the BS politics out of here. This is a hockey blog. Full disclosure, I work part-time for the government (overseas at a diplomatic facility) and part-time private industry. Go Caps!

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Next time you are on an airliner. travelling 500mph at 35,000 feet in a 150,000 lb aluminum tube, think about those parasites on the ground keeping you from hitting another 150,000 aluminum tube also travelling at 500mph and turning you into a pink mist. Yep, damn those parasites.

  • katakoon

    You must be a blast a parties.

    The only thing I can think is that you’re 16 and angry at the world without even completely understanding it.

  • sowellman03

    No I understand it well. At the end of the day, the state will come to my door and haul me to prison if I don’t want to pay for the wars that have nothing to do with me or the salary of the staff sending out the FLOTUS’ tweets.

    How moral is that?

  • sowellman03

    You realize that I’d much rather voluntarily pay for your services than be forced too? And forced to feel guilty for your “sequester” which was merely a decrease upon an annual increase?

  • Federal Federal

    I, a furloughed DoD civilian, and handling this in the obvious way: watching hockey and applying for higher-paid positions not subject to the whims of Congress.

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Shhhhh! The adults are getting ready to watch the Caps play.

  • sowellman03

    Yes, I agree. Wouldn’t it be nice if this “hockey” blog stuck to hockey? Sure. But they don’t. So readers who disagree can comment as they wish.

  • Topher Gee

    I too want to buy the machine that never breaks!

  • Isobel Moody

    Sometimes, when the government is really misbehaving and all the Distict’s sports teams are struggling, I wonder if they’re cursed by the city’s karma. After a day of having to work without pay(excepted federal employee)…well, when Holtby lets in a softie late, I wonder even more…

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Relation to hockey: some of those planes are carrying hockey teams to their next game. 😉

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    I don’t know. Depends on your values. there are probably other places like in sub-Saharan Africa where you can enjoy a service free, jobless life and feel pretty good about your moral treatment. That may be a viable option that feeds your morality quotient more sufficiently.