In case you weren’t following closely over the summer, we’ve made this short video to get you up to speed on everything you missed. We’ve got comings (Grabo) and goings (Hendricks), changes to the rulebook, realignment, coaching staff changes, an engagement, a baby got Backstrom, and a little bit of Bailamos.

Puck drop is soon, so get ready.

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  • Michael Reschly

    Excellent post, except you mispronounced ‘GIF’.

  • holtbysaidno

    This post made my morning. Finally, Washington Sports season is starting.
    PS – Your dog… is AWESOME!

  • Gringo Hank


  • Livia

    Brilliant, brilliant video, Peter!! Hope it was at least somewhere near as much fun to make as it was to see. And with that, I am so ready for the Caps’ season to begin!


    also thanks

  • I KNOW! She is the best.

  • Oksana

    Tried SO hard to focus on anything besides your dog breathing

  • it’s a problem

  • Shmoo

    Sorry, Michael, you’re thinking of the peanut butter. Gs make a G sound. And real Gs move in silence, like lasagna.

  • JessHughes

    Normally I prefer text over video, so that was an unexpected surprise. Of course, I love dogs and the Capitals. Crash score, scoar moar goals, GO CAPS!!!

  • You are on my blog and like my dude and stuff, but this is seriously hilarious. I’ve watched three times already.

  • Yo8

    Tell me little cute white bulldog are you best friends with Ovie the bulldog?

  • I WISH.

    Georgia is kind of an asshole (she’s a rescue who wasn’t treated well when she was younger), so she doesn’t socialize much– though she does better with bullies than any other breed. Maybe one day!

  • Rhino40

    Meeeeeeettttrrrrooooopoooollliiiitttaaannnnn DDDDiiiivvvviiissssiiiiioooonnnn

  • CDizz

    Please say that Bailamos is a full length song. And if so, do you need some funk bass for it? We can be golden bailamos gods together, just say the word.

  • Cole

    Hybrid icing? So that’s like, chocolate and vanilla mixed together?

    Seriously though, not excited for this. Glad that it is a step to keep players safe(r) but now there will have to be way more “judgement” calls by the officials. We all know how those go…

  • Catherine__M

    Gotta say: I don’t read any other teams’ hockey blogs, but I still know that this is better than all the other hockey blogs out there. Why? We got bulldogs. Nerds and bulldogs 😀
    (And I say that with nothing but kindness from the bottom of my own nerdy heart). Keep up the good work, lads and lady!

  • Capsrus

    Great stuff! Thanks for the update.

  • Shmoo

    Divided the screen like the windows Metro UI. Clever.