What Did You Do to Capitals.NHL.com?

Washington Capitals

The Washington Capitals NHL site has been supplanted by a social hub. Powered by a company called Zoomph. Zoomph’s social hub is basically a way to commodify all the social stuff that happens around an event. Like if you and me are talking about a TV show on Twitter, Zoomph tries to make money off that. And so, the Caps have replaced their splash page with this social hub monstrosity complete with classy chat box and authentic keyboard-tapping sound effects.

Other team sites don’t appear to have done this, so I’m a bit mystified.

Hey, you wanna check out the new team roster, game stats, or the game schedule? Tough luck. TheΒ Enter Site link at top right is not working. But if you really need to get to the real Caps website, RMNB has got you covered. If you’re chatting on the site, please let me know where the conversation ranks on a range from 4chan to SportsYapper.

Update: The Enter Site is working now, but the social hub thing is still there soooooooo.

  • OlietheGoalie

    The lag between when you enter a comment to when it shows up is MINUTES.

  • Shawn Murphy

    Why would you go there when this site exists?

  • VeggieTart

    Wow. That is just awful.

  • Bethesdaist

    Did Ted invest in this or something?

  • Clare


  • Annie Lockyer

    Wow this site is going to make so money when we talk about skyrim and swimming and d&d. Hashtag NOPE

  • Michael Reschly

    A mobile browser User-Agent also solved the problem

  • Matthew

    Enter site tap thingy top left corner of site

  • attaboy!

  • Dunno, but it’s a DC-based tech startup that has been in an incubator, so chances are good!

  • Brouwer Rangers

    This helps explain why season ticket holders have been “given” this new rewards program in which you earn points by doing things like tweeting using their approved hashtags.

    Also, the name sounds a lot like WUPHF, which is funny.

  • Michael Reschly

    I wondered what you were complaining about, as I was browsing from my phone/watching the game. I assumed it was the lack of MattyP’s name on the roster page.

  • John

    I couldn’t even get to the site to manage my season tickets until they fixed the site link. I tried to comment on the problem to the programmer in their “live chat,” but she just ignored me while the social networkers called me a “hater.” This isn’t how I expect the franchise to treat season ticket holders. I am thoroughly upset about this unprofessional and dysfunctional new site configuration. It’s just another display of poor organization by this team.

  • yv

    In fairness, most team’ sites has now first commercial page, the only problem is to find enter button

  • Adam Schwager

    They have people censor it first

  • CJ

    Yet another entity Ted is trying to shove down Caps fans throats like the Monumental Network.

  • Hi Peter, I’m a member of the Zoomph team, we actually have no relation to Ted, our parent company is MetroStar Systems, which works in Government Consulting with organizations like FCC, State Department, USPO, etc. Northern VA native, and longtime fan of the Caps & Bullets (Wiz) if there is anything we can do better, please let us know, we really want to bring a great environment for fans to chat during games.

  • Hi Bethesdaist, I am on the Zoomph team, no investments from Ted at all πŸ™‚

  • Hi Annie, I’m a member of the Zoomph team, Northern VA native, and lifelong Caps f& Wiz fan, we’re really just trying to provide the best fan experience, let us know what you think we can do better, we have lot improvements we are rolling out but would love to hear how we can do better.

  • CJ, we were not trying to shove anything, just making it easy access, with an easy way to click out of it, sorry for the inconvenience, please let us know what we can do better, we have made a lot of improvements since opening night, but there is a lot of room to do better.

  • Zoomph team member here, Hey YV, we never meant to make it difficult for people to get into the Caps homepage, we have since made it more pronounced after the opening night – that was our bad, hope our update has helped πŸ™‚

  • Michael you can also hit the ‘enter-site’ in the top right, sorry about any confusion or frustrations that might have cause, we went in and made it larger and more pronounced, if you see anything else we can do better, please do not hesitate to let us know

  • John, I’m on the Zoomph team, I apologize for any issues you had getting to the site, we went back after the opening game to attempt to make it easier to access the site during live games. I hope the update has helped, if there is anything Zoomph-related that I can help with please let me know πŸ™‚

  • Hey VeggieTart, I’m on the Zoomph team, sorry you’re not a fan of the social hub, if there is anything we can do better for you please let us know, a lot of on the Zoomph team are DC/VA natives, we’re lifelong fans, we’re doing our best to create a fun area to chat for passionate fans during games and you will see updates through the season. We would love to hear your feedback.

  • ZOOMPH THERE IT IS πŸ™‚ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-FPimCmbX8

  • ^^^ exactly Adam, we (Zoomph team) would like this to be an experience for people of all ages, unfortunately that means we have to moderate to make sure is somewhat friendly, thanks for understanding

  • Ollie, Zoomph updates in real-time but this is an experience for all ages, having said that, a little moderation is needed just to make sure it’s a fun safe area for fans, hope you can understand, if there is anything else we can do better please let us know!

  • This site is pretty awesome πŸ™‚ Shawn if we can do anything to help make the experience better, please let us know!

  • OlietheGoalie

    Hi Amir. Thanks for the response. It’s actually really cool that I heard from one of the developers. πŸ™‚

    I understand now that it’s moderated. I didn’t know this when the site went up. I’m used to normal sports chat rooms, where you can have a flowing dialogue and talk about the games in realtime (which I enjoy doing immensely). With the Caps site, since there’s a time delay I was disappointed, but again… I know its purpose now.

  • Peter, sorry to hear you were not a fan of the social hub, I am a member of the Zoomph team, and long time fan of the Caps and Bullets (Wiz). Our goal here was to provide a place for fans to chat with other fans in one spot, from multiple social media platforms. We have made a lot of improvements since opening nights, but we have a lot more ideas in where we would like to take this, and have more updates as the season progresses. Also just wanted to share our apologies on the issues getting to the site initially, hope we were able to help fix that, we have no interest in shoving this in people’s faces, we just want to have fun during the game, with other fans. If you care to share what we could do better (and I hope you will) I would be more than happy to listen. (I went ahead and responded to comments in your post sorry for the notification-fest).

  • I know, I’m sorry, don’t worry we are coming with more and more updates, and please, if you see anything you don’t like, or wish we had, please let us know. @zoomph is the official handle and @zonozi is my personal twitter handle, don’t ever hesitate to reach out