In a new commercial for Scotiabank, we find Washington Capitals mascot Slapshot hanging out with his homies SJ Sharkie, Stinger, Carlton the Bear, Sparky the Dragon, and Fin the Whale. They are at a diner having a nice breakfast, but problems arise when the mascots have to pay for the bill. Instead of going dutch, they curiously decide to play roulette with their credit cards.

Tough break for Fin.

Later, though, he comfort ate and gnawed on Anne Heche’s head.

Thanks to @DanteJones827 for sending us the video.

  • JS_Nova

    “Available in all 30 teams”…but probably only if you pay for things in Canadian dollars.

  • yv

    Speaking about commercial values. I dont know capacity of RMNB server, but since RMNB thinking to send someone (Fedor) to Olympics why not to open game day live discussion blog along with traditional post-game reviews. You will get several hundreds (maybe thousand) additional precious page views and clicks during every gameday. Plus for convenience why not to introduce ‘remember me’ button to avoid bothersome login procedures. Again feasible depending on your server capacity.

  • alchemistmuffin

    I wonder if Discover plans to introduce NHL team branded credit card? Would love have Capitals logo slapped onto one of the Discover credit card that I use from time to time.

  • warriorinside

    Woo, this was a pain to parse. Remember me? Have Disqus remember you.