Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is getting married to Maria Kirilenko. We know that; there’s a ring. But what about the date? Up until now, there has been nothing but speculation and rumors. Some of those rumors, to Ovi’s bemusement, implied that he had allegedly cancelled or postponed the wedding. A few days ago Ovechkin promised Sovetsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov a call as soon as the date is set.

Enter Troy Brouwer, who spoke to another Sovetsky Sport reporter, Leonid Varshavsky, on Tuesday.

Brouwer was asked if he’d ever been to Russia.

Not yet. But I hope to go there next summer. Because Sasha has his wedding, and he promised to invite the whole team. Not sure everybody would be able to make it, but I think I will be able to see Moscow.

The whole Caps team at Ovi’s wedding? Glorious, untold pixels. Can’t wait.

Thanks to TJ for first tweeting.

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  • TakkoSupreme


  • Catherine__M

    Pleeeeaaaaase tell me they do the Cupid Shuffle at Russian weddings. Or at least the Alley Cat. Or maybe especially the Alley Cat.

  • Joey Doukmetzian

    now introducing LITTLE SASHA JAMZ

  • Owen Johnson

    SECOND creepiest Brouwer/Ovechkin photoshop on this site. That birthday card is still giving me nightmares.

  • Jessie N.

    Does that mean the whole team as it is now? Or next year? Does that include players in the Caps’ system? Ovie, come on, please be more specific with your invites.

  • Bastinda

    I will come to Moscow myself for this

  • Priscilla Villanueva


  • Priscilla Villanueva

    Something about Sasha Semin is very reminiscent of Matt Damon’s character in “Behind the Candelabra” in this video.