It’s only been one game, and new Colorado Avalanche head coach Patrick Roy has already made a total ass of himself. Somehow I’m not surprised.

While the Ducks trailed the Avs 6-0 with 30 seconds to go, Ben Lovejoy put his leg out and caught 2012 first overall pick Nathan MacKinnon with a hit in the neutral zone. Roy sure didn’t like that. And he let former Washington Capitals coach Bruce Boudreau know once the game ended.

This is just surreal. Roy was given a game misconduct and a two-minute bench penalty for going on the ice. Boudreau was not penalized.

I feel like this is what it’s like to helplessly watch a grandfather get assaulted.

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  • vtcapsfan99

    I watched the entire game. Roy never went on the ice, so I don’t know what that penalty was about. Better that Roy reacts to his rookie potentially getting injured in a completely unnecessary knee on knee hit than stand there passively like Sacco would have.

    Perry was kind of a dick spraying water on Roy. That got the Avs players like O’Reilly involved.

  • Bill


  • Thanks for sharing, VT. I only caught the tail end when this mess started.

    Here’s where I found the bench penalty mention. I didn’t see him go on the ice either. Maybe it’s for pushing the glass, not staying in designated coach area?

  • vtcapsfan99

    Whatever the penalty was for exactly, the Pepsi Center needs to reinforce that panel before the next home game!

    BB was looking really calm during the game whenever they showed him. I thought if that kind of game happened with the Caps, he would have been red and foaming at the mouth and letting the f bombs fly.

  • Red

    Am I the only one who laughed hysterically at this?

    – Hey Patrick, it’s your first time back “on the ice” in a decade and your
    first game as a head coach. What are your feelings about…..and OMG!
    you’ve started a fight.

    This is a situation where the word “classic” would apply quite well. Coupled with a knowing shake of the head.

  • Freedoooom

    MacKinnon tried to dodge too late, Lovejoy had him lined up perfectly.

    MacKinnon is a whiny kid, just like Crosby, after the game was still whining about it.

  • I always love watching Steve Downie get punched repeatedly in the face.

  • vtcapsfan99

    Whiny? I watched two post game interviews of him and I wouldn’t characterize either one as whiny.

    That second link has a Varly interview at the end. His English is a lot better now.

  • SuperOvi819

    I bet Pierre was glad he didn’t have to cover this game.

  • hckyplyr62

    If you watch the entire play you’ll see that Lovejoy has his knee set and doesn’t extend his leg at all to knee Mackinnon. Mackinnon moved out of the way at the last second and that movement caused for his knee to be hit; unfortunately it’s a hockey play and Roy should have kept his cool.

    Also, as for Roy yapping to the other teams players…maybe he needs to remember he’s a coach and not some classless player anymore like back when he wore the pads.

  • Rhino40

    Figures. The single player in NHL history most responsible for the “Goalie Fights Are The Best Fights” meme totally loses it when his team wins. God help us all if/when his team loses.

  • Rhino40

    Had Pierre McGuire been ‘Inside The Glass’ at the time of that fracas, hockey fans everywhere would have celebrated (well, everywhere but Pittsburgh, anyway). Too bad.

  • vtcapsfan99

    Did you watch the whole game? Lovejoy was going after Mackinnon the entire time. Here they are in the second period.

  • hckyplyr62

    I watched most of the game, but even though he was going after him earlier in the game it doesn’t mean he was trying to take his knee out. It’s such a dirty hockey play…and in seeing the replay of the actual hit, I’ll stick by what I said earlier, his feet were set, he was going for a normal hit and Mackinnon moved and there was contact with the knee.

  • RESmith

    <3 The ole Patrick division is back! (Just someone remind him to take out those two Stanley Cup rings from his ears before he starts swinging.)

  • picturesandtalk

    I teach a couple of college students originally from Pittsburgh, and they think that Doc and Pierre are against the Pens. I couldn’t believe it when they told me that.

  • TakkoSupreme

    Roy should have plugged his ears with his Stanley Cup rings when Gabby yelled back at him.

  • Doug Glatt

    Roy, French-er for Douche

  • hckyplyr62

    VT I owe you an apology, I re-watched the hit and it really looks like he stuck out his knee from the beginning. I was only watching his feet to see if he stepped out to knee Mackinnon, but it was clear that from the start of him setting his feet his knee was out. Good call

  • vtcapsfan99

    That was my impression of the hit at well. Obviously Roy took things a little too far, but he was trying to stand up for the prize rookie. Plus he’s trying to instill a winning attitude in a team previously mired in a losing culture, so I can see where he’s coming from. Mackinnon had a great game, it’s going to be fun watching him this season.
    I’m sure BB loves only getting asked about Roy being crazy and not about why his team played so poorly. It’s kind of silly for him to complain about Roy putting out his 4th liners when BB put his 4th line out at the end. It’s not like Roy should have put out Duchene for them to pound on.

  • Pat Magee

    Everyone’s all shocked as if they didn’t know Roy was a hothead. I think it’s awesome that he’s back in the league!!! Hours of entertainment for us!

  • bskillet

    I think at the end of the year Bruce can look at Roy and just kind of laugh as the Ducks head into the playoffs while Colorado goes home.

  • OlietheGoalie

    I love my some Saint Patrick. So glad he’s back in the game, even if he’s yelling red-faced from behind a bench.

    Although, I bet he could still play.