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Mikhail Grabovski is quickly becoming a quote machine. Today, Grabovski revealed to Caps reporters that he’s been staying with Alex Ovechkin while he gets settled in Washington. Apparently that is dangerous.

Here’s his full interview from Monumental Network.

Props to CSN’s Chuck Gormley for asking the question.

Several years ago, when Ovechkin was given the key to the city, he famously declared, “Today I am president, so there is no speed limit!” The crowd roared with laughter.

Maybe they shouldn’t encourage him. Remember that time Ovi drove a cart inside Verizon Center?




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He almost decapitated two-time Norris trophy nominee Mike Green.

Next time you see Ovi’s blue Mercedes peeling out of Kettler, say a little prayer for Mikhail Grabovski. And the residents of Arlington, Virginia while you’re at it.


  • ovechwin

    That door is terrifying.

  • Yo8

    He matrix that door.

  • BPThomas

    russian machine never slows.

  • Big Chuck

    Hahaha))))the best))haha!

  • schumatrix

    Is driving time! Hahahaha))))

  • Owen Johnson

    Hahahhhahaahahha so sick)))))))))

  • CT

    Make taco eaten before you ride car.

  • yv

    Ovi (or maybe Grabo for insurance sake?), needs to put russian-style dash camera. Those posted from Russia in YouTube are just freezing your blood.

  • yv

    Like this, warning not for weak hearts:

  • this video ALWAYS slays me

  • Big Chuck

    Russian machine never brakes*

  • NovaCath

    Guess I am just a Debbie Downer as I looked at this on Oct.5. Ten years ago today Dan Snyder died, a few days after the car accident in which his teammate Dany Heatley was driving the car. Have never been able to think of a Caps player driving fast or somewhat reckless as cute since then.