Photo: @JRandalWard42

Joel Ward spent his morning stuck in a hotel bathroom. The lock on the Dallas Omni bathroom door wouldn’t give, but lucky for Ward his teammates were around to save him. Well, some of them saved him;  others documented the ordeal and shared it with the Internet. Because #Friendship.

Hockey players are just like us.

Realizing his situation at 9:27 AM, Ward phoned teammate Karl Alzner with a simple message: “Save me.”

(Note to self: Always bring your phone into the bathroom, because stuff like this can happen. Also, Candy Crush.)

Alzner brought along his roommate and brother-from-another-mother, John Carlson, and Omni employees to mount the rescue, which involved a ladder and lots of tools.


Photo: @JohnCarlson74

44 minutes later (!), Ward was freed.


Photo: @JohnCarlson74

One of the few times it’s acceptable to hug in the bathroom.

Tonight’s game is destined be a letdown after all this excitement.

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  • Chelsea Winot

    How about the part where Ovi and Brouwer just laughed at him on twitter haha it makes it even better.

  • lorimakesquilts

    bwahaha good friends always document your dilemmas — just in case

  • Oh, hilarious. Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t see those until you just mentioned it. I just added them to the post!

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Ah come on. Put a shoulder into it and pretend you are checking Crosby.

  • yv

    If not those, too many Texas steaks Wardo should squeeze through that opening. And that’s why to have own room for every player is not a good idea, imagine if he didn’t have a phone!?

  • Hendybobendy26

    I am in love with this post!!

  • dmitry

    Captain America saved the day!

  • Gersh21

    I got stuck in the Dallas airport once. Not in the bathroom, but I had
    booked a connecting flight through there and because of delays missed
    the last flight of the night so instead of getting a hotel I just stayed
    in the airport until the first morning flight. Already had a bad vibe
    about Dallas from being a Redskins fan, but hey unlike many Cowboys fans
    I’ve actually BEEN to Dallas!

  • bskillet

    Thank you, thank you. Priceless, Wardo has to get a goal tonight.

  • JS_Nova

    It’s not a guestroom bathroom. It looks like a lobby-near-the-restaurant-where-they-ate-breakfast bathroom. If Ward had been sitting with or near Alzner, it would make sense that Alz would have known why Ward left, and know where to save him from.