WOOOOO! (Photo credit: John Russell)

The Filip Forsberg/Martin Erat trade still elicits strong reactions from Caps fans. (Like I’m warning you now, you’re going to want to bring a hatchet into the comments below because this one’s gonna get gory.)

Adam Oates has put Erat — George McPhee’s 32-year-old, $4.5 million toy — on the fourth line where he averages under 8 minutes a game. For Caps fans already unhappy with the trade, Erat’s modest utilization had them grinding their teeth.

After Tuesday night, those fans are gonna need a mouthguard. Maybe dentures. Forsberg scored the first goal of his NHL career, a snap shot on the power play, during Nashville’s 3-2 win over the Minnesota Wild. Congrats, kid.


Epic celebration…. go!


Forsberg pumps his arms up and down like Mighty Mouse, then punctuates his celly with an Ovechkin-esque leap into the boards.

Hey, here’s a “fun” stat:

Getting real: Erat probably won’t linger on the fourth line much longer, and Forsberg is getting primo minutes on a team with few good offensive players (Sorry, Hendy). Also, Latta and something something I dunno.

But this trade was supposed to give the Caps a big short-term boost, and it hasn’t been that at all. Do I sound bitter? Maybe I shouldn’t eat a spoonful of cocoa powder before bed.

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  • Aw, man. [gut punch]

  • Jason W.

    Am I the only one who liked what they saw in Latta in his debut against Chicago? He looked like he had some skill in the faceoff circle and was a strong backchecker. I was disappointed when they went him down after the game.

  • I’m sure Latta will turn into a decent bottom six player. The tough part about this deal though is that they traded a very talented young player (that they were lucky to land) for a 32-year-old winger who has a $4.5 million cap hit through next season. The Caps need to win this deal short-term for it to be worth it (and as a team their core guys are inching past their primes already). Erat was injured during the playoffs last year and now he’s barely playing. Things need to turn around quick.

  • Matt B

    I didn’t really feel it…until this :'(

  • Jason W.

    I think we are yet to see the best of Erat. He’s a bonafide NHLer and player that historically been capable of scoring 50+ points. I personally liked the aggressiveness gmgm showed in making the move and trying to go for broke as our studs like ovi near the end of their peak. Getting a player that will be able to hopefully develop into a strong 3c eventually is just a bonus.

  • Tom Martin

    So if I understand this trade’s fallout correctly, it goes something like this:

    Erat (4.5 million) and Latta (bottom 6 player)

    Forsberg (would be second best prospect in our system)

    Lost due to 4.5 million:
    Perrault(who, so far, is playing well at 2C for the ducks), and any possible Free Agents that could’ve been signed (*cough* 4D)

    This is not good……

  • johnnymorte

    This was an impulse trade that is just starting to come back and haunt us. This guy was rated a #1 European skater by central scouting in his draft year. We traded a potential top line forward for a second line forward on an underperforming team. Bottom line, this guy could be playing alongside Wilson right now and we would still have Perry. This incenses me almost as much as the fact that we got rid of Varly, who is playing like a stud right now under Roy and is blossoming into a top tier goalie. Aside from the Grabovski pickup(which would have never been possible without the cunning and intelligence of Oatesy)GMGM is a notch above Holmgren.

  • CSA

    Stupid trade now and even at the end of season if Erat is a 25 goal scorer. I can’t for the life of me understand how GMGM always speaks to not trading his “young talent”. Then the first time he actually does it…’s for Marty Erat!! Seriously, like could we not have pulled in something we actual NEED, say maybe a defenseman. This team has way to many overpaid bottom six forwards.

  • Matt

    If we didn’t trade Varly if we wouldn’t have had the draft pick used to pick Forsberg in the first place.

  • yv

    What else I can say, but only : Hertl from SJ Sharks. Only third game in NHL for 19-years Czech rookie and to pull 4-goals night of all tastes (now 6 total). His forth goal he made on full speed was a killer and probably would be Goal of the Year.
    To me just a reminder how much time 21-old Kuzya wasted.

  • Bill

    Why did GMGM do this trade again? The reason escapes me…