Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and Carolina Hurricanes forward Alex Semin are best friends off the ice. On it, um, not so much. Which is why last year, Sasha checked Sasha so hard, he had to adjust himself on the bench.

Thursday night, in the first Sasha Bowl of the young season, Ovechkin checked Semin in the face during the final minute of the third period to try and save a goal.

With Braden Holtby pulled for an extra attacker, Semin grabbed a loose puck and skated up ice looking to pot an empty net goal. Instead, he got cross-checked in the mush.


GIF by welshhockeyfan

Ovechkin got a two-minute minor for roughing. Somehow, Semin got a two minute minor for embellishing.


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  • Matt Root

    This hit made the loss easier to take.

  • It’s a cruel, unjust world when you get called for embellishing on this. If I got two hand punched in the face by Ovechkin skating by me going 35 MPH, I would most likely get in the fetal postion, cry, and never get up off the ice.

  • It’s like ballet. A stupid, stupid ballet.

  • Eileen Dailey Lucas

    I’m sure he wouldn’t have taken a chance on breaking his neck just to embellish that hit. It was a ridiculous call!

  • radionradiation

    I don’t care whose team it is, but after having Gerbe put in the box for the Canes last game for “Embellishment” against the Pens, then this. If you are going to put someone in the box for the penalty, WHY on gods green earth are you putting the person who the penalty was committed against in the box? YOU JUST ADMITTED THE OTHER TEAM’S PERSON DID WRONG!!

  • radionradiation

    seriously, I’m glad Semin walked away. Ovechkin must have held back T_T

  • BJ Robey

    They were both good calls, as far as I’m concerned. The hit from Ovi was high, but that’s because Semin started to pull away from the hit before he made contact. Semin’s head is already recoiling before contact is made, and the way he fell into Grabo was just as likely to hurt him.

    Also, Ovi’s hands were together on his stick during contact, not a cross-check

  • OlietheGoalie

    Look. When you get hit by Ovie, you always look like you are embellishing. He just hits that hard it appears you are auditioning for drama class.

  • Ash

    There’s a double Sasha minor joke to be made in here somewhere, possibly with David Caruso sunglasses involved.

  • Yo8

    What was that again?

  • Yo8

    Gif doesn’t work 🙁
    She broke it like bad ass in case you want to know.

  • CapsKel

    Seriously? You’re wishing violence on a former player who, last I checked, didn’t run over your cat or hit your mom? That says more about your character than anything.

  • CDizz

    Heyyy someone’s reading into things a little too much

  • CDizz

    Oh and last I checked, if you’re against people hitting each other, hockey’s probably not the sport for you.

  • sbae

    hahaha you gys made a link for semin that sings joan jett bad rep hahaha

    it was sad to see besties hit each other.. it was a little disheartening but you gotta do what you gotta do… right? lololol!!! – alex semin laughing with ovi is still my desktop on my laptop. i love them even on separate teams

  • Michelle

    Its fun to watch certain Caps fans turn more and more into those stereotypical fans from Philly that they claim to hate so much. Nice win for the Canes 🙂

  • Matt Root

    The tone of the article and sasha posts in general on this site are hardly anything but light-hearted. Seeing an OV hit on anyone that is reason enough to take as a silver lining from a game that should/could have been won. See how that assuming thing works out? Should I add smileys and ))))))) to clarify my tone? Maybe, but my intent was so far from wishing anything bad on another player, let alone one of my favorites that it didn’t cross my mind.

    But hey, continue on that keyboard crusade if that helps.

  • CapsKel

    Not against it. Didn’t have a problem with the hit, but I didn’t jack off to it, either.

  • holtbysaidno

    Just because one player “did wrong” on a second player does not mean the second player can’t do wrong himself. Embellishment doesn’t only mean the second player “faked” getting hit, tripped, or otherwise, it also can mean the second player exaggerated the result of the incident. Like, say, a goalie throwing his stick in the air and laying on the ice like Randy from A Christmas Story after a mask-tap

    I don’t think that Semin did much embellishing after this hit, but he does float pretty gracefully down to the ice…

  • radionradiation

    Yeah. Floated face first into another players chest, then onto the ice. That’s how I like to fall…


    Say what you will, but things around here were alot more interesting when #28 was a Cap. Always glad when he’s back in town. His goal was an absolute rocket. Too bad refs blew this call, which IMHO takes away from the better story of Sasha on Sasha violence.

  • tim

    That metropolitan schedule is gonna be a real true wake up call for the caps this year……

  • OlietheGoalie

    Lighten up, Francis.

  • Rhino40

    I was gonna say that this costume has no practical uses in combat, but…

  • Red

    Going to ‘Canes games in my Semin sweater has been interesting to say the least. I do approve of Sasha on Sasha violence though, because hockey.

  • Ash

    Yeah, no. We have a long way to go before we’re hucking D-cells and snowballs at Santa Clause. Philly has truly set the bar high in that regard.

    But don’t worry about us. We’re also never going to throw a tantrum half as well as Jeff Skinner. You Canes fans can take pride in the fact that you guys have that place locked down– you are totally winners in that category 🙂