Comcast Sportsnet sideline reporter Al Koken spoke with Washington Capitals assistant coach Calle Johansson during the first period. Koken wanted to know what the Caps franchise leader in games played thought of his new giant defenseman, Alex Urbom.

Apparently it was comedy hour or something.

You have a new defenseman to work with. What’s your impressions so far of Alexander Urbom?

Good. He’s A Swede. What can be wrong with him, huh? [laughs]

Does he skate as well as you did?

Oh yeah. He’s way better than me.

He’s good. He’s good. It’s his first game so we gonna be patient. He’s gotta make it a simple game and all of that. So far so good I think.

Have I mentioned I love Calle? Because, yeah, I totally do.


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  • JH

    Soooo…..how do we think he did?

  • Todd N

    i thought he played well…few passes didnt reach its target but overall not bad. Does have a booming shot i think. I’ll keep him over Carrick, but now what do we do with Erskine??

  • Myan

    GET RID OF HIM!!! We get rid of Erskine. God watching him on the ice literally pains me. There are faster & better skaters in my boyfriend’s rec hockey league. This is the freaking NHL and Erskine is a liability.

  • Todd N

    Well he’ll be out for a little while. i was hoping they recalled Orlov instead but looks like something is wrong with him? so they went with schmidt *spelling.