Brian and Friends Say Hey From Afghanistan


Brian, a lance corporal in the Marines, wrote us from Afghanistan during the playoffs in May just to say hey and show off the Caps flag that he brings with him on patrol. Now, nearing the end of his deployment,  he hit us up again last week with this message:

Hey guys. It’s me again. I thought it fitting now that I only have a few more days left here and since I emailed you guys literally like two days before we got knocked out of the playoffs, that I hit y’all up again as the season’s starting!

So, we were in the bazaar today and all of a sudden some of my Afghan friends from the bakery started running towards to me yelling stuff like, “Can you believed that CAPS traded Perry” and “Man, I can’t believe they lost last night!” Needless to say they were excited about the start of season and even had this flag they wanted to take a picture with. Man… These Afghans sure do love the CAPS! (Parts of this story may be false)

Haha. Well take it easy, guys. Keep up the good work!

You too, Brian. When you get back to town, I can think of 18,000 people or so who wanna buy you a beer.

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