Aggro Line Change: Mike Green Goes Over the Boards (GIFs)


Photo via @CanucksFin56

We were about 13 minutes into the the Oilers-Caps game, and Mike Green had had enough. He muttered to himself, “meh,” and skated towards the bench. Sure, it might look like he was lining up for a big hip check on Jesse Joensuu, but really Mike just wanted off the ice as fast as possible. And that’s the way it turned out, as the Edmonton forward stepped out of the hit (yoink), and Green went headfirst into the Caps bench.

I like how Steve Oleksy didn’t even hesitate. He was like, “my turn!” and took Greenie’s spot on the ice. And Green’s head popping up from the bench is this season’s iconic moment until we find something better.



GIFs by Ian Oland

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  • Shawn Murphy

    Mike Green Gophering has so much tumblr / meme potential! Am very excite

  • TowsonCapsFan

    i want to see a replay clip of Oleksy shoving the ref out of his way!

  • Big Chuck

    Greenie channeling his inner Doug Glatt

  • Sabrina

    love the quick thinking of Binky to get on the ice!

  • JenniferH

    Yeah, that happened.

  • Ryan

    And then I found five dollars?

  • Chewbackes

    Lulz, the “Intelligent Decisions” ad behind him.