¡Bailamos! Caps beat Oilers 4-2

Greg Fiume

Sasha Fierce (Photo: Greg Fiume)

Shut up with your 1-4 record. When the Washington Capitals suited up to face the Edmonton Oilers on Monday night, their sole purpose was to rid themselves of the abysmal record they shared with a certain other Washington team. An explosive second period helped them do just that.

Edmonton’s Boyd Gordon scored first, seizing on a bad breakout by the Caps. After some feisty forechecking by the second line and Steve Oleksy on the blue, Brooks Laich scored his first of the year– a point-blank wrister.

The second period was a flurry of PPGs as Joel Ward knocked on the back door and Troy Brouwer got a one-timer from the slot. In the middle of that tasty man-advantage sandwich was a mean-ass slot goal from Alex Ovechkin.

Tough-acting Will Acton got a late one from the crease.

Convincing win.

Caps beat Oilers 4-2.

  • Jason Chimera boarded Justin Schultz near the end of the first period. Chimera cross-checked Schultz in the numbers near the Edmonton goal line, leading to an ugly collision with the board. That’s pretty much identical to how I’d describe the hit Alex Ovechkin put on Brian Campbell a few years ago— leading to a game misconduct and a two-game suspension. The big difference, if I recall correctly, was that Campbell jacked up his collarbone.
  • Okay, that’s all the negative stuff I’ve got.
  • Mike Green goes headfirst into the bench! GIFs! Videos! Steve Oleksy’s quick thinking!
  • Obligatory toilet reference! Joel Ward finally got himself on the scoresheet with that nifty powerplay shot from somewhere just south of the Ovi Spot. The skip-a-man pass was laudable too, but we gotta give it up for Wardo, who looked perfectly calm despite not usually getting a ton of powerplay time– though that may change soon. If anything on this team is capable of changing, that is.
  • Wow. That power play. This calls for a recap intermission. CAN YOU GUESS WHAT IT’LL BE.

  • How hot were the Caps in the second period? They scored on three consecutive shots in a span of four minutes.
  • Both the Oilers and the Caps are sub-50% possession teams, so I’m not really enthused by them going neck-and-neck. The Caps trailed in shot attempts ever so slightly until taking the scoring lead– which they earned with good even-strength play and they solidified with the scariest goddamn power play in the league. Woo. EDM did the comeback shot attempt thing after that.
  • Nail Yakupov was practically invisible.
  • What is going on with Brooks Laich‘s face in this Greg Fiume pic? He’s either part horse or a Moai.


  • Another three-point night for Nick Backstrom, quietly owning the puck, entering the offensive zone, making stuff happen. He’s one point out of the league lead right now.
  • I predicted a Holbeastly performance tonight, and I guess I got one. Braden Holtby needed a bit of help from the post (tough break, Nugent-Hopkins), but he had some flashy moves himself–  going as far as to sidekick a puck that a normal goalie would have just blocked. Haha, normal goalie. Good one, me.
  • Nate Schmidt was superb. He got a good bit of ice for a third-pair dude and kept the Oilers out of the Caps’ end even when the visitors were desperate and buzzing.
  • Edmonton got a bit snippy with 8 minutes left in the third, picking on Alex Ovechkin— who was eager to dish hits back out. That, inevitably, devolved into a donnybrook with the Caps getting the Irisher side of it all. The Oilers did not nothing at all with their power play, but they did score a few minutes later so there’s that I guess.
Joe B suit of the night: Craig WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR FACE

Joe B suit of the night: Craig WHAT IS THAT THING ON YOUR FACE

Whole bunch of Caps got on the board for the first time in this one: Ward, Brouwer, Laich, Alzner. Haha, okay not that last one. That was needed badly as the Caps couldn’t survive on a diet of OVI SCOAR FROM OVI SPOTs forever.

Exactly the kind of game I wanted to see from the Caps: stolid work by Braden Holtby, mid-level players overachieving, Alex Ovechkin bumping up against the ceiling of human perfection. It wasn’t without flaws– the set-up for Boyd Gordon’s goal should be in Stretch’s video playlist– but it was a great win.

Losing streak over. Let’s dance!


  • Ash

    BAILAMOS! Erat looked good tonight. Shame Tom Wilson couldn’t finish on that pass Erat set up for him, and get his first goal.

    Also, um, don’t hurry back, Ersk. Take all the time you need to heal up. Allll the time.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    let’s not forget the vest. My god.

  • JenniferH

    HolTbeastly! Ovi SCOARS MOAR goals! Wardo scores! Brooksie scores! Brouwer scores! And I loved what happened in the PP because it showed the league that they don’t have the Caps PP “figured out.” You can’t just guard Ovi. Because anyone can get that shot, the whole team has it going on. Great game. On target. Let’s keep this momentum going and tear down the Rangers!!

  • WashingtonEdmontonFan

    yakupov was a healthy scratch, so indeed he was invisible

  • Chris Cerullo

    BAILAMOS. Loved Schmidt/Oleksy, the top trio and Holtby tonight. I still believe in Erat and think he deserves a bigger role.

  • dylan wheatley

    fire gmgm. blow the team up.

  • Heina

    Make a GIF when Ovechkin Pats Acton on the head and LOL’s in his face, please. 😀

  • Dara Goldberg

    Yeah imagine if Erat was on a better line giving passes like that to someone who can actually score. siiiiiigh

  • Chris Cerullo

    The Holtby-Hall takedown too

  • William

    Hmm we got outshot by 10.

    Nick Backstrom had a great night controlling that power play and we capitalized on our chances. I thught Edmonton kind of fizzled out in the last period other than the final 2 minutes.

    P.S. Edmonton needs a goaltender…Bryz?

  • Sokay to get outshot when your team leads by 3 goals for a big stretch.

  • Matt

    In the the past 4 games, former caps have scored 2 goals, an assist, and stopped 40 shots

  • William

    I’m not complaining!

  • Kelsey

    Can someone make a gif of Oleksy manhandling that ref?

  • nicoley-poley

    let’s be real here, #derpbrooks is still hotter than most of us here anyway

  • OlietheGoalie

    I’m still on the bandwagon for the first part, fyi. Have been for years.

  • speak for yourself

    and also for me

  • MuzzMuzzington

    Erat looks like a man with a mission. That mission is to get off the damned 4th line and good lord did he look awesome at times. Really doesn’t deserve 4th line minutes.

    Schmidt… yeah he looks great. The kid can make some nifty/smart passes and is a big upgrade of Erskine. Had to refrain from throwing the remote at the screen when Joe B mentioned about people hoping to see Erskine on Wednesday.

    Urbom looking like a addition as well.

  • Red

    Good win, but I think 3 goals on 3 shots in unsustainable :p Schmidt and Oleksy impressed the hell out of me this game. Holtby’s back in good form.

    Танцуют все! (Bailamos)