There are no pictures of Brouwer’s scoreage. Step your game up, photogs. (Photo credit: Geoff Burke)

Troy Brouwer finally got on the scoreboard Monday night, scoring his first goal of the year off some nice tic-tack-toe passing on the power play. It wasn’t the only first in the Brouwer family that night though: Troy and Carmen’s daughter, Kylie, turned one.

“It’s something that I’ll remember,” Brouwer told me. “It was nice to be able to do it now — five games too long for me.”

Unable to throw a party Monday due to the game, the Brouwers hosted a large party for the baby girl at their home on Sunday. A large number of Capitals players attended, along with a myriad of family relatives. At the end, the birthday girl received a large cupcake — there’s no word on whether the 12-month-old was able to metabolize it or what her wish was — and a necklace from Mom and Dad.

The next day, Kylie and the rest of the extended Brouwer clan — Troy’s dad and sister, Carmen’s mom and three sisters, plus mother and daughter — took in the Oilers game. Mamma Brouwer and the baby, however, had to head home after first period due to Kylie’s bedtime (or maybe it was Washington’s awful start). Sadly, that means they missed Troy’s first tally of the year, the goal that sealed the 4-2 comeback victory for the Caps.

So, a nice night for the Brouwer crew. When asked whether he kept the puck from his goal as a present for Kylie, Brouwer laughed.

“She got enough presents yesterday!” he quipped.

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