Monday night, after Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward scored his first goal of the year, he returned to the bench to take in the adulation of his teammates.

It was just like any goal celebration …until he looked up at the Verizon Center jumbotron and noticed something special happening.

According to our own Chris Gordon — who was actually at the game — Capitals game entertainment crew played video of digi-Joel Ward scoring on cyber-Henrik Lundqvist in NHL14’s special NHL94 Anniversary mode. That means blue ice, baby, and techno-Ward celebrating by raising his stick over his head like in the classic video game.

As the video showed electro-Ward celebrating, CSN Washington cut to Ward on the bench. This was his reaction.


GIF by Ian Oland

Troy Brouwer, also watching the video, flashes a smile and chirps Wardo with an, “All right!” Ward then turns around to an unspecified coach or teammate and scowls, perhaps because his digital rendering didn’t look anything like him.

It’s the little hockey moments that I love. Now you can love it too.

Thanks to @Sarah_Cole52 for tweeting and Chris Gordon for the explanation.

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  • BPThomas

    I thought he said “Ah, Nice!”

  • UnleashTheFury8

    Looks like Brouwer says “Oh nice!”

  • Red

    Troy: “Ahh, dat ass!”
    Joel: (O_o)!

  • I think you guys are all better mouth readers than I!

  • DC Hockey Nut

    I see “Ah, that ice!”

  • OlietheGoalie

    If Wardo is angry at the facial representations of the players… don’t be. Beyond Ovie, Crosby, and Malkin somewhat, the players look nothing like their real life counterparts.

    Be happy that they made him black in the game.

  • schumatrix

    Oh! There it is!