Okay, We’ve Got an Eagle Mask Guy Now


Photo credit: Greg Fiume

So there are eight minutes left in the Oilers-Caps game, and we’re just watching stuff go all wobbly on the ice. Alzner, Green, and Ovechkin started mixing it up with Luke Gazdic and Mike Brown. Then, Adam Oates gets furious and the Caps pull off the win.

But in the mayhem, we missed something. Something awful. Something nearly unknowable.

Gaze with us into the abyss for a moment.

You missed it, didn’t you? Take a look at that photo above again. Peep at the crowd.

See it? Here, I’ll help.

Computer: enhance quadrant J-5 mark 23!


Again. Enhance area 4-x-2 to delta-Kropog zed!



It seems we’ve got a guy wearing an Eagle mask at Caps games now. It’s like Washington’s hockey version of the horse mask.

Get your own eagle mask! Express yourself at Verizon Center with diminished vision!

Stay weird, DC. We love you.

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  • Marky Narc


  • Ben Reed
  • BaconSkittles

    Maybe it’s because the last picture has a total of 12 pixels, but It kind of looks like that flying gremlin thing who owned Anakin as a slave in Star Wars Ep. 1

  • BaconSkittles

    …and i just realized what I’m seeing is the beak, not a picture of a cracked-out eagle on a white piece of paper

  • BPThomas
  • JH

    Where have you gone, Capstronaut? A fan base turns its lonely eyes to you, woo, woo, woo….

  • Brouwer Rangers


  • Okay, so this makes it even funnier:

    From Elle: “I sat close to him! He kept it on but there weren’t any eye holes so how he saw the game is a mystery.”


  • Like how did he know to stand during the line brawl? So many questions!

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    I saw him from the 400s… I thought he was a pigeon…

  • Myan


  • Chelsea Winot

    I could be mistaken but it appears he might be looking through the beak?

  • Capitals Hill

    Thumbs up

  • ACK

  • 0 people have noticed the Gilmore Girls reference

  • Brendan, did you put your watermark/twitter handle on someone else’s photo? On Twitter, you credit Lisa — who is a friend of mine.

  • That is beautifully hideous.

  • Simon McInnes

    Umm hi.

  • Rhino40

    Another Thing?

  • Jon Adams

    I’m absolutely sure you can see his face through the beak.

  • Capitals Hill

    Yep. Got permission from her since she’s my friend as well. Play hockey with her to boot. Stand down good sir.