Peter on Monumental Network’s Press Row (Video)

mse press row 2

I joined Dave Johnson and MSE’s Jacob Raim for Press Row today. We talked Caps hockey: Ovechkin’s awesomeness, problems in the defensive zone, the glory of Grabo, and goalie drama. We also talked about basketball, but I kind of blacked out there for a second.

Take a gander and let me know what you think. Feel free to make fun of how bad I am at tying neckties while you’re at it.

Thanks to MSE for having me!

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  • Brouwer Rangers

    Should’ve brought Georgia. Or at least asked Dave to breathe heavily while you were talking.

    Also I turned it off and put you back on my list after you said Brouwer and bottom-six in the same sentence. That was a very short-lived reconciliation.

  • Tbro sucks

    Brouwer is not a top six player

  • Dude, I’m sorry. Every time I talk about hockey, I feel like I slight you. This is gonna be an Aaron Burr / Alexander Hamilton thing I just know it.

  • I’m kind of surprised you own a suit coat. That’s like a revelation to me. Like I would have wore my RMNB t-shirt, shorts, and sandals and spent the entire 15 mins trying to get Dave Johnson to chest bump me. Also, I’m sad you didn’t make a Red Pandas joke when they were talking about the professional football team from Washington.

  • I have like 8 or 10 football jokes and exactly none of them were good enough or appropriate for the show.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    As long as I get to be Aaron Burr.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    Ha j/k of course. You’re obliged to call it like you see it and we’re obliged to blindly defend Brouwer against any and all slights – real or perceived, illegitimate or totally illegitimate. It’s cool.

  • Just got around to watching it. I love that Wes does the tag at the end!

  • Matt


  • I hate saying this, but I agree with Peter. On this team with its current players, I don’t think Brouwer is a top 6 guy either. He is, however, a very important piece of the top line power play. And really he is a very important player on this team. But I’d rather have Erat up there than him.

  • Guest


  • Brouwer Rangers
  • You’re not familiar with Sidnoir Crosbin? Famed Centren with the Pengburgh Pittsnards? Favored son of Noverp Scerpderp?

  • Let’s turn our site into one big Brouwer Rangers troll thing.

  • brian!

    MSE? So are we allowed to call you a sell-out now?
    I kid, way to go guys I’m looking forward to watching this.

  • Owen Johnson

    Who are the Wizards? Does Washington have a Quidditch franchise now?

  • Benjamin Scarbro

    8 or 10? Go on…

  • If we sold anything except t-shirts, yes you could

  • Henrik

    Sit down with Oates and tell him to get his sh#t together and put Erat at dat first line.

  • Kristi

    Looking good Peter 🙂

  • tell your friends, Mrs.

  • Anela

    Looking sharp! Though your facial expressions match mine when people start talking about basketball…that glazed over are we done yet look.

  • Roman Z.


  • BPThomas

    I thought his name was Clard Lemierp

  • Pat Magee

    Have Erat and Wilson flank Grabo. That’s what it should be, anyway….