Caps Fan Father of the Year

Look, I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids, but Mike P. is certainly doing the whole dad thing right. Evidence: Mike has taught his barely two-year-old son Michael Jr. an essential phrase: “Let’s go Caps!”

With absolutely no research to back this up, I’m still pretty certain that those three hallowed words can get you out of speeding tickets and get you unlimited free drinks and high fives in this area. Michael Jr. has a head start in important life skills.

Curious, I asked Mike what his son’s first word was. He said it wasn’t Ma-ma or dah-da. It was this! I assume he had just watched a sweet Ovechkin dangle-and-goal or something

Anyways, thanks for sharing the video with us, Mike. Also, we’re bummed to hear you’re leaving Maryland and moving out to St. Louis in a few weeks. Please keep watching games and shoot us a new video when Junior can say “Ovechkin,” “so sickkkkkk” or “OMG KUZYA FINALLY HERE!”

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