Mikhail Grabovski to Caps Fans: Grabo, Not Grabbo


Photo credit: @OvietheBulldog

Well, well, well. What do we have here? All of you #Grabbo Acolytes: prepare for defeat. All of you #Grabo Soldiers, get ready to crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear their lamentations. The debate has been settled: it is Grabo, not Grabbo.

The  battle has raged for ages (a few months) and taken many lives (140-character limits). Torontonians and a minority of Caps fans fell firmly into Camp Grabbo. Other people, meanwhile, sided with Camp Not Obviously and Completely Wrong. Because a plurality of Caps blogospherians fell into the B Singularity, we had a temporary armistice through the season’s first seven games, but recent developments may give us a lasting peace.

When my personal favorite Caps Superfan1, Ovie [sic2] the Bulldog, met Mikhail Grabovski on Friday, he got a final judgement on preferred nickname spelling directly from the Caps 2C 3C whatever he’s awesome wherever he plays:

Then again, the fact that there’s a typo in this tweet somewhat undercuts the finality. But no big; we should just be impressed that a brachiocephalic dog can use Twitter in the first place.

So the matter is settled. Are you Grabbo hardliners going to allow us, the Victorious, to melt your swords down into a throne or what? Line forms to the left.

  1. Sorry to Sam, William, the Brouwer Rangers, the Eagle Mask guy. Bulldogs rule, humans drool.
  2. The human spelling is Ovi, not Ovie. That is also the hill I will die on. I will die on multiple hills.
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  • dylan wheatley

    it’s grabs, sorry.

  • Katherine

    @ ovi8 = Ovi. No need to die on that hill, Peter.

  • Brouwer Rangers

    No offense to our good friend Ovie the Bulldog, but he’d give Alex Semin a run for his money when it comes to embellishment.

    We shall each die on our own hills, bitter and alone.

  • Sidewinder8

    I think it’s Mikhail “Wrongly stuck on the 3rd line again” Grabovski.

  • I’m not even sure Ovi’s sure how to spell his own nickname.

  • Priscilla Villanueva

    “Grabo” better start scoring.

  • Jared

    I thought it was Grabeiro?

  • Greg Girard

    Actually his name is Senator Robert Blutarsky.

  • oh god

  • PittGrad

    Graboner, not Grabboner. One is a noun, another is harassment.

  • Jared

    Don’t even get me started on the Forsrat combo

  • Red

    I’m still partial to Grabby: (adj) having or showing a selfish desire for something.
    You know…because of the possession numbers.

  • JaredFromLondon

    the extra B is for bargain


  • Topher Gee

    Now I know why all of my Ovi[e] the bulldog pictures weren’t getting RT’ed I was sending them to @ovithebulldog.

  • Jared

    Happy Draft Day ’12!

  • At least Justin Bourne stopped with the “Ovy” stuff

  • Rhino40

    hahaha)))) Best!

  • Ovie the Bulldog

    Pete, I apologize for the typo, my parents have short-changed me in the education department, no private training for me…nope I had to go to a large chain store with some paste eating Min Pin.
    Tell Georgia I said “hi” 😉