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Washington Capitals defenseman Steve Oleksy had one hell of a night (which Chris Gordon wrote about in more detail here). Oleksy earned a second period assist on one sick dangle and then later got in a fight with Brandon Dubinsky in the third. While he didn’t necessarily win the bout, it’s what he did during it that earns him some bonus swag points from RMNB.

Oleksy fixed his hair. Like mid-fight. Comcast Sportsnet anchor Alan May — a noted Caps pugilist back in the day — was especially excited about it in the post-game show.

Also, these:



GIFs by welshhockeyfan

Way to go, Bobby O.

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  • Dave Hubbard

    Best part was how he wanted to keep going after basically two complete fights even after the linesman started to separate them.

  • Heina

    “No!!! I’m going to lay him out! :(“

  • Owen Johnson

    They don’t call him “Sexy Oleksy” for nothin’.