Photo via the Caps’ Instagram

The Washington Capitals have enjoyed some home cooking over the last nine days. Yet playing five games against some of the weaker competition in the league in their own barn of Verizon Center yielded little for the home team. The Caps lost three of the five games and were outscored at even strength 11-7.

Now the Caps have left D.C. and its average high temperature of 68 degrees (well, until tonight) for colder climes. Now begins their longest road trip of the season, a five-game trek starting in Winnipeg. When the Caps landed in Manitoba on Monday afternoon, the temperature was 36 degrees.

Alex Ovechkin wore some not-at-all weird headgear.

The players are surely eager to spend more quality time on the road, perhaps bonding over future bathroom rescues.

“You get a chance to spend time with the guys,” defenseman Mike Green said to Adam Vingan of NHL.com and Express. “There’s not much room to get away from each other, so we definitely kind of gel when we’re on the road.”

Although that gelling appears to be off to a rough start.

  • Beats by Dr Dre suck.

  • Chris Cerullo

    So far I’m loving Wilson’s twitter game. Him, Latta and Carrick are great. Let’s get the W 2moro.

  • Buck


  • Is it just me or is the handle on Ovechkin’s luggage half broken? I wonder how that happened.


  • yv

    It seems Russian passport in hand. DC should issue own passport for its citizen Ovi.

  • disqus_VwoeSeqlK8

    5k for that suitcase. Damn airports.

  • Alex

    What an odd reference that I suddenly can’t get out of my head… Thanks for the upcoming nightmares

  • yv

    No story yet? I have thought that it is right from RMNB alley the story with photos about Brazilian soccer striker Hulk from Zenith Saint-Petersburg (who paid 40-60M euros!! to get him, see Wiki) trying and dressing into Ovi’s Russian National hockey gear. Hulk will play prominent role in the next year’ World Cup at home in Brazil.

  • Ben

    He must have broken the other half so that he can pull it out all the way and use it as a miniature hockey stick

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    My thoughts & prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.
    Das Rhino

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    Have a speedy recovery, Ian.

  • People who downvoted this comment also suck

  • OlietheGoalie

    I hear it’s designed like that. I wouldn’t know, being an average plebian who doesn’t have millions to spend on fashionable luggage that purposefully has a broken handle.