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The Capitals were kind of a mess throughout Tuesday’s 5-4 win over the Winnipeg Jets. The game was tied after a wacky second period (featuring the Ovisplosion), and it took Nick Backstrom’s mystical Swedish skills and Troy Brouwer‘s finishing ability to restore a Caps lead.

It was the only pretty thing in an ugly (but happy!) game, so let’s give it a closer look.

The Caps were on the power play, and, naturally, it was ugly.

A scrum in the corner resulted in what seemed like a clear for Winnipeg, but Alex Ovechkin splayed out and got a desperate stick out to keep the puck in play. That gave Troy Brouwer room to pass to Nicky Backstrom on the weak side.

And now for the pretty:


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Swede-on-Swede action: Tobias Enstrom extended his stick and took a knee to take away Backstrom’s angle. Were he any ordinary human, Backstrom would have been stymied. Instead, he curl-and-drag’d around it –seemingly effortlessly.

Marcus Johansson was waiting at the doorstep, and Backstrom sent a backhand pass towards him, but Mojo was not the target. Closing in quick was Troy Brouwer, wide open with a head of steam. Brouwer roofed it. A skill goal out of chaos.

Nick Backstrom has 10 points in 9 games and a winning smile.

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  • David Weichert

    Well, Ovi said several naughty things in that celebration hug. XD

  • Shawn Murphy

    Backie just treated us all to a free vacation to Dangle City and hooooooo boy it sure is nice here

  • Steve

    I find it quite funny when you can hear a muffled F word or two after the play on TV. It isn’t hockey unless every other word in a sentence is fuck or fuckin’

  • David Weichert

    I personally don’t care, I just think it’s funny. I do the same thing on the ice.

  • Alex

    The whole play was epic. Ovi’s effort to keep the play in their offensive zone was key.

  • Alex

    I was about to say no one gave Ovi any credit for that uncharacteristic move

  • Drew Thiemann

    Good analysis. Last night, I thought it was just an errant pass for Johansson that luckily found Brouwer’s tape. The more I watch it, the more I think that Backis realized MoJo was marked by Bogosian and intended to send the pass across to the weak side. If you watch how his head turns to look after scooting the puck, he’s looking behind the play to see if Brouwer was there. Brilliant.

  • Graham Dumas

    “PHRASING!” 🙂

  • Graham Dumas

    Same thing with Erskine when he picked up the extra minor in the first (second?). Full-on shot of the E-bomb dropping F-bombs.

  • CT


  • Clint Petty

    damn that was a sexy goal

  • Clint Petty

    Hahaha yes… I believe the exact phrase was “Are you fucking kidding me?”