• holtbysaidno

    The 42-25 shove-of-love makes another appearance (4:46)! Not perrycelly caliber, though

  • ErskSMASH

    shootouts aren’t as awesome w/o hendy and perry.. still this one had me on edge

  • H70

    Love the Wilson/Ward hug 🙂

  • Tommy

    Great game! I am glad Green sat. I don’t know what is going on with him but he’s had a tough couple of games. I think he gets frustrated and then tries to make up all the mistakes on one play, a la Ovi on the right wing rush. Oates cooled him off and he’ll be better for it in Edmonton.

  • Owen Johnson

    Awesome shootout, but a PerryCelly would have put the icing on the cake.

  • breaklance

    I don’t know who was more surprising to score between Laich, Brouwer, and Erat. Brouwer may be a passenger but he’s been a good scorer. Laich is uber versatile but a 1 time 20 goal scorer. Erat’s a playmaking wing. Laich I think had the best move of the 3 but wow those guys were clutch last night.