Am I writing my third Caps dog post in a week? I am writing my third Caps dog post in a week.

Today in cute Washington Capitals dog photo news, Karl “Katniss” Alzner and John Carlson posed for Show Your Soft Side, an anti-animal abuse campaign. Alzner, who has three rescue puppies at home, posed with two of his own dogs, the world-famous Charlie and Murphy. Carlson posed with his own pup as well, Ellie, who he describes in the poster as “his best girl.”

The posters will go up in Baltimore — which I hope explains that beautiful hue of orange on the side — and will target Charm City’s youth.


Thanks to Capitals Overtime for first posting.

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  • sheena dunn

    Carlson looks like he’s 12……

  • green52fan

    Well normally Carlson looks stoned so looking 12 is kind of a step up……

  • JenniferH

    I love my Caps!!! 😀

  • Karl’s dogs are all like, “Why are you holding us papa? Let us goooo! We want to destroy things.” And Carlson’s dog is all like, “save me, pls.”

  • serpent

    Will these be posted around D.C., too?

  • GetchaGrubbOn

    Charlie and Murphy…excellent