Nicklas Backstrom was already handsome. Now he’s hockey handsome.

In the second period, as Marcus Johansson passed to Backstrom in the neutral zone, the puck bounced up and hit the talented Swede in the face. Backstrom immediately retreated to the bench, bleeding from the mouth.

That’s when something amazing happened.

According to RMNB reader @Caribosa (who’s at Saddledome sitting by the bench tonight), Backstrom reached into his own mouth, a la Eric Belanger, and ripped that broken tooth out and gave it to the trainer.

If this was me in that situation, I would have been hysterically sobbing and asking for Novocain. He returned just minutes later.

Hockey players, man. They are the toughest of tough.

The pass that hit him in the face.

Bleeding from the bench.

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