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The Washington Capitals roster includes just four players born in the United States. The rest of the roster is filled with a bunch of Canadians, 12, and Europeans, 8. That means that every so often, Caps players must go through some red tape to to travel. Oh, the thrilling process of acquiring visas (not credit card version).

Earlier this year, that red tape was a bit more inhibiting, as Mikhail Grabovski missed almost a week of Capitals training camp because of visa issues. Grabo, who had spent the last five years living in Toronto and playing for the Maple Leafs, got bogged down in paperwork up in America’s Hat. Maybe Leafs fans just didn’t want him to leave.

Recently, Caps center Nicklas Backstrom had no such problem. He got his visa painlessly. Maybe that was because the president of Travisa Visa Services is a huge freaking Caps fan.

He made Backstrom take a picture with him when he stopped by the D.C. office.

During the summer, the president also wrote a long, passionate message on his company’s Facebook page about how they need to band together like a hockey team. Love that metaphor. He also dropped this gem at the end: “I know that this year the Caps will go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Let’s go Caps!”

I have never traveled abroad before, but suddenly I need a visa and I need it from him.

As Summer draws to an end, one of my favorite seasons is upon us: hockey season. I know that many of our employees and customers are passionate about sports and football seems to steal everyone’s attention.

As teams wrap up training and prepare to take the ice for regular season games,we at Travisa have our own teams ready to go. Consular liaisons, passport and visa consultants paired with our account management and IT team work together for a singular purpose. While we don’t strap on helmets and pads, we are united, like all great teams.

Our goal is to get our clients on a plane, as quickly as possible, to a destination where a passport and visa are required. Our success depends on our ability to execute and fulfill that purpose. The key to carrying out our service is teamwork. I am proud to be part of the most successful team in the history of our industry. Travisa was selected by many Fortune 1000 companies to be their exclusive passport and visa provider. We were also selected by Inc. Magazine as one of the top 5,000 fastest growing companies in the U.S. in 2012. On top of the business recognition, I am gratified to receive dozens of compliments from our customers each week. The success can only be accomplished when all of our teams and offices pull together to provide a friendly and reliable service. We continue to work to have the best technology in the industry and stay true to our commitment to get you your passport and visa in the most efficient way possible.

I know that this year the Caps will go all the way to the Stanley Cup finals. Let’s go Caps!

Jan Dvorak

I did a thorough online search, and the company does not appear to have a relationship with the team, at least publicly.

Which, for me, makes this a random, delightful find. Just like the fact that on the company’s Facebook page, there’s only one photo of actual humans, and it’s of Nicklas Backstrom’s smiling mug.

Thanks to larsnicklasbackstrom for first posting.

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  • dylan wheatley

    i come for pete’s stats, but i stay for ian’s human interest stories

  • yv

    Good story and good man in charge of the company. I dropped my friend there recently, but waited outside. Maybe next time I should go in and wear some Caps memorabilia. Let’s go Caps!