Benjamin Holtby Gets Even More Air Time on CSN (Photos)


Braden Holtby‘s family was in attendance at the Washington Capitals’ morning skate on Thursday. During the Edmonton Oilers game that night, Braden Holtby’s son Benjamin was shown being held by his father during the first intermission. And then CSN went back to the baby well again on Saturday night, naming Braden’s family, in the Saddledome stands, as their sports fans of the game.

So precious little Benjamin got even more air-time. So did Braden’s parents.

With his father pulled in favor of Michal Neuvirth, Benjamin seemed more interested in other things. Maybe if he was by the glass, he would have had something more to play with.



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  • Is the blond lady at left Braden’s wife? If so, she is purdy.

  • sara bae

    i think it might be his sister because look closely at her nose and mouth. it looks like holtby’s

  • sara bae

    although she has holtby’s mouth and nose, i retract my last statement… it is his wife.

  • Matt

    Gramma, why are daddy’s defencemen so bad?

  • Eileen Dailey Lucas

    That’s definitely his, Brandi.