Nathan Walker

Photo credit: Sweetest Hockey On Earth’s Kyle Mace

Sunday night, the Hershey Bears’ Nathan Walker became the first Australian to score a goal in the American Hockey League. He also was the first Australian to get in a barney, dropping mitts in the first period with Norfolk’s Charles Sarault.

The goal’s at the 7-second mark. His fight is at the 22-second mark.

Walker proceeded to hype up his historic achievement when speaking with The Patriot-News’ Tim Leone:

“I just take it as another player playing the game, another guy that scored a goal,” said Walker, a healthy scratch the previous three games.

“I didn’t have the best first two games, so I really wanted to come back and make a point that I belong in the lineup and I want to be here and do what I do every night.”

Alert: Walker is abandoning the narrative! The narrative has been abandoned! Contrary to expectation, Walker did not take a victory lap, clutching a Fosters in one hand and a wallaby in the other, telling everyone about what a big deal his goal was and saying “aye, mate” and “crikey” a lot.

Or maybe Australian people don’t do that. I don’t actually know. My knowledge of Australians is limited to “put another shrimp on the barbie” and Emilie de Ravin from Lost. Regardless, Walker certainly has the humility part of hockey culture down pat.

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