During last season’s playoffs, Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson lost his right skate blade after attempting a big hit on a New York Ranger player in the defensive zone. This is apparently a huge problem in hockey. Without his blade, Wilson’s legs flailed like a baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time. Wilson fell over a bunch as he desperately tried to inch to the bench.

Good times, but I thought that it’d be the only time I’d ever see that happen in a Caps game. Wrong.

In Vancouver on Monday, defenseman Steve Oleksy experienced the horrible malfunction. After blocking a Kevin Bieksa shot with his left skate on the penalty kill, Binky started to skate up the ice. As he did, his blade popped off. Wuh oh.

Stuck in the middle of the circles without any help, Oleksy tried to get his footing but could not. He even tried, unsuccessfully, to block a shot while sliding on his hip.

Eventually, after a little help from some teammates and the ref, Oleksy made it back to the bench. What an adventure though.





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Oleksy’s blade after being shot into the Capitals net.

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  • Red

    I loled when I watched it live. I loled again when I read this. Ian, you’ve already reached max gif crafting level. You can stop showing off now.

  • Starlet

    Really, the refs couldn’t have stopped the game for like 20 seconds so he could get off the ice? Ridiculous!

  • bskillet

    Wow that’s twice in a little time. Wilson end of last yr. and this, what’s going on with the skates?

  • VirginiaPatriot

    Not unless there is a serious injury.