A few weeks ago, the RMNB servers almost melted down when Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson checked three Columbus Blue Jackets players at the same time. Wilson, who is 6’4” and eats two large bison per day, is a behemoth on the ice with unlimited power. With that size, why not push the limits of what the body check can accomplish?

That same spirit must have possessed Michael Latta and Garrett Mitchell on Sunday when they combined to break a Giant Center pane of glass while body checking Max Friberg at the same time.

And on Monday, nice guy Karl Alzner went into his own berzerker rage. Alzner, whose success as a defenseman comes from smart stick position and careful spacing, decided that this was the night to check two players at once. Alzner put 398 pounds of Vancouver Canuck into the boards: 6’3” Jeremy Welsh and 6’1” Alexandre Burrows. Almost makes it look easy.


GIF by welshhockeyfan

This is the proudest I’ve been of Karl since he fought Steve Downie. No, no wait… Since he told Milan Lucic to stop crying. No, wrong again. Since he did that Archery celebration thing last week.

No, wait. Since last night when he shot his glove at an opposing player on the penalty kill.


Okay, forget it. I’m always proud of Karl Alzner. He’s great.

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  • serpent

    Gee, I wish we could clone this guy.

  • Lawrence

    Haha funny, good work. I used to be pretty harsh on Alzner (couple years ago), but I am happy I was wrong. He has probably blossomed the best out of all our young D-men and hopefully he can continue to stay consistent (which is something this D-corps has issues with). I notice he is trying to get up in the play a little more and be more of a threat offensively, good on him to not be stagnant.

  • remrats

    Alzner is awesome. He is very good and seems to be one of the few players that is very consistent too.

  • holtbysaidno

    I’m spider-sensing a state farm commercial in here somewhere…

  • Myan

    I wish we could have a right handed version of Karl to play alongside him. He’s probably the only reliable D we have who shows up week in week out.