Andre Burakovsky’s Jack-O-Latern Is Amazing (Photo)


Photo credit: @AndreBurakovsky

Because when you’re already good at carving up defensemen, this is the next thing in line.

Also, that reminds me. Like in years past, we want photos of your Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns for a RMNB post on Halloween. That’s on Thursday, people, so get moving.

Did you dress up as Alex Boovechkin, Mike Ghoul, or John Cadaver over the weekend? Or maybe you put on a black bedsheet and went to a party as George “The Undertaker” McPhee? Shoot us those photos too on Twitter or via email. We can’t wait to see what you crazy kids come up with.

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  • Freedoooom

    I think this is a important question, do girls in Sweden wear slutty costumes?

  • Shaun Phillips

    It has too many teeth for a hockey player’s pumpkin.

  • BaconSkittles

    Kinda reminds me of the Goombas from Super Mario Bros. the Movie

  • serpent

    Jeez, that’s spooky! Nice job,Andre!