Bad: Alex Ovechkin Day-to-Day With Upper-Body Injury


Photo: Jeff Vinnick

The Capitals announced Wednesday morning that Alex Ovechkin has sustained an upper-body injury and is listed as day-to-day. There is no word yet on how he suffered the injury. Ovechkin’s three shots on goal against the Canucks on Monday was his lowest total of the season, perhaps hinting that he was hurt before or during that game.

While Washington does not play again until Friday in Philadelphia, any injury to the team’s (and world’s) best scorer is a very big deal.

Alex Ovechkin is second in the league in goals with 10. Alex Steen is red hot in St. Louis right now.

The Capitals have scored 32 goals in total, so Alex Ovechkin’s 10 represents 31% of the offence.

If you count assists, Alex Ovechkin has had his hands in 47% of the Washington’s goals.

The Caps power play depends on Alex Ovechkin, who has attempted a league-high 38 shots during 5v4 play.

Alex Ovechkin is the Caps offense. Overall, he has attempted almost two times more shots than any the next Capitals player (Mike Green).

Alex Ovechkin had been on pace to take 512 shots this season, which would be the third highest ever– behind Phil Esposito and himself in 08-09.

Per NBC’s Adam Vingan, the Capitals lines currently look like this:

Martin Erat – Nicklas Backstrom – Eric Fehr

Marcus Johansson – Brooks Laich – Troy Brouwer

Jason Chimera – Mikhail Grabovski – Joel Ward

Aaron Volpatti – Michael Latta – Tom Wilson

Imagine the terror in the Flyers locker room right now when they see the fearsome Johansson-Laich-Brouwer line.

Today is Wednesday. There are about 55 hours until the puck drops in Philadelphia. It’d be real nice if Alex Ovechkin is healthy to play. Without him, Washington isn’t much of a team.

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  • yv

    Yep for the last sentence. But good to see new LW on first line.

  • Chris Cerullo

    Although this may be just because Ovie is hurt, but Fehr out of the C role looks a ton better.

  • ErskSMASH

    can we rename the 4th line the ‘drop yo gloves’ line?

  • Josh Carey

    Wouldn’t mind seeing (if Ovi ends up missing games) Brouwer move up to the first line to get Wilson some top 6 minutes to see what he can do other than take penalties and hit peoples’ faces.

  • Tommy

    I would like to see Grabo and Erat together on a line. Works well on my NHL 14 season. They score some and don’t get into a fight every time Grabo bumps someone.

  • EugeneVC

    Almost offenseless now, but still defenseless…
    God bless Chimer!

  • Scott Mallon

    and somehow mikhail grabovski is still on the third line. i get that they are a dynamite line but i just wish someone on the top two lines was playing with some heart so we could promote him up there and give him more ice time. might as well make that line the top line.

  • JH

    Erat better shoot a ton. Third line just seems like it should be Chimera / Laich / Ward, and move Grabo up to 2L. But whatevs. Without Ovi we have no one that scares people. Hoping Erat can snipe.

  • Matt


  • Brackaphobia

    “Imagine the terror in the Flyers locker room right now when they see the fearsome Johansson-Laich-Brouwer line.”

    I lol’d.

  • Freedoooom

    Lines make sense, because Backstrom is usually during 4 on 4s out there with MoJo, meaning he sees them as a good duo, but Ovechkin gets hurt so MoJo gets demoted?

    MoJo-Backstrom-Brouwer to see if they can help get Brouwer going…

  • Freedoooom

    The worst thing about it is Ovechkin is only getting around 20 minutes a game and then you have 2 separate lines getting 15-16 minutes a game.

  • brian!

    Intended to post exactly this. Hopefully Ovi will be fine though.

  • JenniferH

    I just can’t even imagine this team without Alex Ovechkin. I just… noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • JH

    I’m totally guessing that Oates’s logic is that having Erat and Fehr on the top line gives you more shooting power than what you are suggesting. Backstrom is a feeder and so is, alas, MoJo – but with Ovi’s production on that line, he wasn’t going to mess with that formula. MoJo-Backstrom-Brouwer gives you no sure firepower at all. Having 19 feed Erat and Fehr gives you the best shot at a goal-scoaring first line. I would think. Guessing there will be a lot of tinkering to find chemistry.

  • anon

    I legitimately just shed many tears…we’re doomed.

  • Bob

    that hurts

  • JenniferH

    Well, that’s something… oh, wait. MattyP! 🙁